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Ambassador Profiles

Our ambassadors are waiting to hear from you! Contact them via email, follow our facebook page or Instagram or why not take part in one of our events. You can also see lists of our ambassadors by faculty and region on this page.

Yun Chen Chang

From: Taiwan
Studying: MSc Organizational Psychology and Business

Andy Chen

From: Taiwan
Studying: MSc International Marketing Management

Airi Evans

From: Japan
Studying: BA History

Xuanhua He

From: China
Studying: BA Education

Ernie Ho

From: Hong Kong
Studying: BSc Medical Sciences

Truda Huang

From: China
Studying: BA Cultural and Media Studies

Moe Ikeda

From: Japan
Studying: Bachelor Degree with Integrated International Foundation Year (Arts and Social Science)

A-Jung Lee

From: South Korea
Studying: MSc Accounting and Finance

Yuyan Luo

From: China
Studying: BSc Accounting and Finance (Industrial)

Tracy Shan

From: China
Studying: PhD in Translation Studies

Sandy Tam

From: Hong Kong
Studying: BA Global Creative Industries

Jacqueline Wong

From: Hong Kong
Studying: BA Journalism

Andy Zhang

From: China
Studying: Computer Science BSc