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Truda Huang

From: China
Studying: BA Cultural and Media Studies
I speak
English and Mandarin
BA Cultural and Media Studies

Hi! I am Truda Siqi Huang from China. Currently, I am in the first year of the Undergraduate programme BA Cultural and Media Studies. I studied for a high school Diploma in an international high school in China. 

  I first heard about Leeds University from a friend who had taken the programme. My friend told me this University would offer me much opportunity for self-development and comprehensive academic learning resources. Before I made the application decision, I looked through the official website of the University of Leeds and chatted with a previous ambassador. This conversation solved my questions precisely and motivated me to go to Leeds. 

 Since I have been in Leeds in person, I have immensely enjoyed studying here. My programme combines the cultural base with media, enabling students to have a cultural insight for understanding and interpreting media practices; it closely connects to social media and the modern digital world. I learn theoretical and practical knowledge through lectures, seminars and field trips. 

 There are various societies for students to join and develop. Those societies cover a wide range of interests and provide opportunities for students to navigate. I get to know and be familiar with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. As a student, we also get assistance from a personal tutor who guides us through university life. I also signed up for peer mentor support through my Faculty (Arts, Humanities and Cultures). A second-year student in my same school gave me advice on various research and study skills as a student who studies a similar major. 

 My favourite thing about the University is the library. The library has private seats by the window where I can study and read quietly with an excellent view. Leeds, a city full of history, has multiple cultural scenes and museums, which I like to visit in my spare time. There are also numerous accommodation agents for students to choose from. I live in an off-campus apartment near the city centre, so I can quickly get to the supermarket and enjoy my private time. 

I look forward to spending my next three years in Leeds!

 Due to my experience of receiving help from a student ambassador, I want to pass on kindness to more students in the future from my student perspective. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at or chat to me on UniBuddy.

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