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Yun Chen Chang

From: Taiwan
Studying: MSc Organizational Psychology and Business
I speak
English and Mandarin
MSc Organizational Psychology and Business

My name is Yun Chen. I am studying for an MSc in Organisational Psychology and Business at the Leeds University Business School. Before coming to Leeds, I studied Business Administration with a minor in Psychology at Chung Yuan Christian University in northern Taiwan.

After deciding to study for a Masters, I tended to look for a department that combined Psychology and Business, hoping to incorporate what I had learnt at university, and this is when I learnt that the University of Leeds had such a department that met my expectations. At the same time, I also saw that other universities also had related programmes, and I chose Leeds for the following reasons. Firstly, the University of Leeds has a strong faculty. Secondly, the fact that the University of Leeds has placed this subject in the Business School is a sign that it is more business orientated. Lastly, Leeds has its own campus, and I like the fact that I can walk around the campus, which gives me a more willing atmosphere to study. Also, although I passed the English threshold, I chose to do the pre-sessional course in summer vacation.

I am very happy with the teaching, facilities and food on offer. One of the things I like most is the help and activities offered by the Language Centre and the Career Centre. These two centres provide many language learning opportunities and career information respectively, so that international students can improve their English skills and understand more about the employment environment in the UK at the same time as learning professional knowledge. I also enjoy going to the Global café every Monday in Leeds University Union, where international students can chat with each other in English and make friends in the event. Moreover, the Careers Centre hosted a series of careers fairs at the beginning of October, offering many opportunities for students to seek advice on internships and full-time work.

In Organisational Psychology and Business, we can gain knowledge of Human Resource Management alongside the psychology it requires, and then practice and analyse these experiences. This subject is not quite the same as traditional HRM, and I believe that if you have an undergraduate major in Psychology and would like to cross-discipline your knowledge in Business, this subject will be very suitable for you.

After spending some time in Leeds, I think the best thing about Leeds is the safety.

My extracurricular hobbies are listening to K-pop and dancing, I love to dance to both street dance and k-pop, so if you like dancing or music, feel free to talk to me. After spending some time in Leeds, I think the best thing about Leeds is the safety. For international students, we don't have to worry too much about being attacked or discriminated against here. Among the many attractions in Leeds, my favourite place is Kirkstall Abbey, which is rich in history and culture and gives a quiet feeling. When the weather is nice, it's perfect to go in and visit and then sit outside on the turf to relax or have a picnic.

As for the accommodation in Leeds, the university has very good accommodations and offers guaranteed places for international students, as long as you apply within the stipulated time. I decided to rent my own student private accommodation because I wanted to live in a studio type of room rather than en-suite. In Leeds, there are a lot of options for student flats, and there are many near the city centre, but as I am a business student, I chose to rent a student house in West Leeds called Iconic the Glassworks which is near to Business School. I really like the place, it has great staff, free breakfast, many activities and communal facilities. Finally, I would like to say that the University of Leeds is really suitable for international students, and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about applying, the language classes, and other related issues. Please feel free to contact me 🙂

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