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Xuanhua He

From: China
Studying: BA Education
I speak
English, Cantonese and Mandarin
BA Education

Hi there, I am Xuanhua from China, I'm a second year student studying BA Education.

Prior to transferring to Leeds, I studied English in a Chinese university for one year. The main reason I decided to transfer to Leeds was because I wanted to do something to enrich my life experience especially at such a wonderful age of 20.

Leeds is a place full of possibilities. It has a strong international commitment and awareness, which not only provides an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for every international student, but also offers equal and diverse opportunities for all students, such as part-time jobs, study abroad, placement year etc. This is what I like most about Leeds as it always keens on employability. Studying abroad is challenging, and the fact that I had to take care of my food, clothing, living and balancing study made me grow up rapidly, from being anxious to actively engage in various opportunities offered by the university such as summer school, international welcome team assistant, student ambassador and research project.

University of Leeds has given me an unparalleled sense of belonging and a platform to excel.

University of Leeds has given me an unparalleled sense of belonging and a platform to excel. What’s more, I appreciate that everyone has an academic personal tutor. When I first arrived in the UK and was confused about my life and studies, my tutor gave me a lot of practical academic support and encouragement. I still remember when I was frustrated about my assignment, she comforted me that:“Take it easy as it won't be the end of the world” and it made me no longer afraid of failure but courageous.

Coming to the University of Leeds to study Education was the best choice I have ever made. Studying Education allowed me to develop a strong critical thinking skill. I never realized that there are multiple factors interacting, overlapping and underlying, and as a result, I have gained a deeper understanding of educational issues and debates, and how the economic, political, historical and cultural factors influence education. I have gradually developed my own views instead of purely following others as I am able to see the multi-faceted nature of all issues. Here, we share and discuss our educational experiences with students from all over the world for the shared goal that is to make the world a little bit better, and a little bit better.

Leeds is a city with a great sense of well-being, with a city center that meets most of the shopping needs, and a suburb that offers peace and relaxation. Thanks to Leeds' excellent location (the center of the UK) and convenient transportation, I travelled a lot. From parks or small towns nearby to as far south as Brighton and as far north as Aberdeen. These experiences have gradually internalized into the person I am now. Besides, I enjoy playing badminton a lot! The badminton courts at the Edge and Gryphon are great, and the best thing is we can go to the All England Badminton Championships held in Birmingham every year!

Coming to Leeds for my undergraduate degree has been the best decision I've made so far and I will never regret. It’s a life-changing place where witnesses my growth. I have become more confident, inclusive, opinionated and diverse. If you have any thing would like to know about the University of Leeds, please feel free to contact me or chat to me on UniBuddy.

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