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Ambassador Profiles

Our ambassadors are waiting to hear from you! Contact them via email, follow our facebook page or Instagram or why not take part in one of our events. You can also see lists of our ambassadors by faculty and region on this page.

Saraa Al Brashdi

From: Oman
Studying: BEng Chemical and Energy Engineering

Fatema Al Shirawi

From: Oman
Studying: BSc International Business and Finance

Norah Almasoud

From: Saudi Arabia
Studying: PhD in Statistics

Aws Kamoona

From: Iraq
Studying: MChD/BChD Dental Surgery

Natalie Musleh

From: Jordan
Studying: LLB (graduate) programme

Atyaf Nammazi

From: Saudi Arabia
Studying: PhD in Artificial Intelligence 

Malek Nasser

From: Egypt
Studying: BSc Economics and Finance

Abdullah Omar Omran Ahmed

From: Egypt
Studying: BEng Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering

Mohammad Qutb Aldeen

From: Saudi Arabia
Studying: PhD in Civil Engineering – Architecture and Urbanism

Gil Sharon

From: Israel
Studying: PhD in Media and Communication