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Airi Evans

From: Japan
Studying: BA History
I speak
English and Japanese
BA History

Hi! My name is Airi Evans from Japan! 

I am currently a third year in History BA. Before university, I studied in a high school in Tokyo which I graduated in March, then I did a foundation course in Japan and moved to Leeds in September. 

I am really enjoying my time as a history student in Leeds. During my first year, we had the opportunity to have a broad overview of the subject which helped us think about our interests within the subject. In my second year, we have had quite a lot of modules to choose from, so we could focus on what we think will be fun to learn. The course being in this style has helped me a lot in learning what I actually enjoy in history, which is the emotional aspect of the subject mostly found in social and cultural history. 

My favourite thing about the university is the amount of opportunities  we are given such as  discovery modules and newsletters from the Careers Service that tell us about volunteering, part-time work and career opportunities. Discovery modules are modules that can be taken outside of your own degree. In second year, I had one about safeguarding policies and another about education. This year, I am taking a Students Into Schools module which involves voluntary work in a school. The newsletters are emails that students receive weekly, and it includes some one-off volunteering opportunities too so we can get experience that will look great on our CVs whilst it isn't in the way of our studies. I remember being quite nervous about career prospects at the start of university, but all the opportunities provided by the university has helped me realise what I want to do in the future.  

Outside of university, my favourite parts of Leeds will be Roundhay Park and Temple Newsam Home Farm. They are both pleasant walks to go on a day with no lectures to enjoy the nature side of Leeds! 

As for accommodation, I lived in student halls for first year in Montague Burton, in a shared student house with two other friends for second year and in a student flat with my partner for third year. 

Monty B was a great experience. Living near the campus made it easier to go to the library and I felt safe walking home from university at late hours. The student houses are also very nice. Since I lived with my friends that I made in first year, I enjoyed how easy it was to chat with them.  

Please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions you may have on Unibuddy or by email at 

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