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Link to Leeds gives you an opportunity to talk directly to some of our current students

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We run regular live events where you can chat to our ambassadors and post any questions you may have about studying here.

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Welcome to Leeds!

If you’ve just arrived, join our daily zoom socials and chat to us on our 'ask' function.

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If you’re thinking of applying to or are an offer holder for the University of Leeds and would like to hear about other students’ experiences or have questions about being a student here – such as…

Is it easy to make friends?’, ‘Is there somewhere in Leeds I can buy some of the food I like?’, ‘Are the libraries easy to use?’

…then Link to Leeds is for you!

Link to Leeds gives you an opportunity to talk directly to some of our current students in the following ways:

  • Email: select an ambassador and use their email link.
  • Take part in one of our live chat events.
  • Chat to an ambassador via instant messaging, by opening the chat box on the bottom right corner of this page. If you want to chat to a specific ambassador, please select an ambassador and open the chat box on their profile page.
  • You can also like our page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or Instagram.
  • If you are already in Leeds or joining us on campus soon, you can chat to us daily from 10am – 10pm using our instant message chat function or join our online socials via our Arrival and Orientation page.

Our team of Link to Leeds ambassadors are here to share their experiences and answer all your questions, all you need to do is choose which ambassador you want to contact!

To get started please select from any of our ambassador profiles.

Please note that Link to Leeds ambassadors are not able to answer questions about your offer or visa requirements. For questions about your offer please refer to the contact details given on your offer letter. For questions about visa requirements please contact our immigration advisers on internationalstudents@leeds.ac.uk.

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