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Moe Ikeda

From: Japan
Studying: Bachelor Degree with Integrated International Foundation Year (Arts and Social Science)
I speak
English and Japanese
Bachelor Degree with Integrated International Foundation Year (Arts and Social Science)

 Hi! I am Moe Ikeda, a student in International Foundation Year. My course is Bachelor Degree with Integrated International Foundation Year (Arts and Social Science).

 I was born in Japan. And I had studied in Japan until I moved to Leeds in the last September. I was recommended to apply universities in the UK in addition to applying them in Japan by my English Teacher. The first time I heard about Leeds University was when I searched universities which I can study about journalism in England. Why I chose to study journalism in England is that I have been attracted to programs produced by BBC and interested in how mass media effect people and society especially gender bias. After I found University of Leeds, I was surprised that the university has a big community of Japanese people in Leeds and those who are interested in Japan. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to meet other Japanese students and understand my country from new perspectives which I have never had.

 Before I entered International Foundation Year in University of Leeds in last September, I took a gap year to move to Tokyo and studied about journalism at Sophia University in Tokyo. As I have previously had no experience of studying in English in a foreign country, I thought it better to get a good grounding in journalism and media in my mother language before starting them in my second language, and get used to life as a university student. Deciding to study in a foreign country for four years was one of the most challenging decisions of my life. Now, I look back that period while I considered and I would like to praise myself. Thanks to that gap year, it felt easier to start living in a new city, join in new communities, and start to study in a university.  

As an international student who had taken a break from studying, I feel that the content of classes in International Foundation Year are useful to study the undergraduate course next year. Through lectures and seminars, students can study the basics of subjects. Especially in the class of Academic Study Skills for Arts and Social Sciences, students can learn academic skills which they need to acquire as university students. Furthermore, the event “Cake and Catch Up” for students in Foundation Year is held every week to chat with students on the course. 

Near the campus, there is Leeds City Centre which has many shopping centres, restaurants, cafes and so on. So, sometimes when I have free time, I go there to go shopping and eat out with my friends. It is convenient for me that Leeds City Centre is located close to the campus. One of other ways to enjoy my free time is joining events held by societies. I take a ballet lesson once a week held by Leeds University Union Ballet Society, as well as attending some social events for members of the society. Joining societies is important for international students to meet many students who have similar interests and have the opportunity to communicate in English. Thanks to many Give It A Go sessions held by the societies at the Leeds University Union I could find the good society for me.  

University of Leeds is friendly for international students. After I came to Leeds, I have been helped many students, staffs, flat mates, and people who just met on the street in this city. Please do not be afraid of studying abroad and moving out from your country. Making the decision to study abroad and take action one step at a time will enrich your life! If you want to chat or have a question, please feel free to email me at or message me on Unibuddy.

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