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Wei Qi Tan

From: Malaysia
Studying: BSc Biological Sciences
I speak
Cantonese, English, Malay and Mandarin
BSc Biological Sciences

Hello, I'm Wei Qi. I'm currently a second-year undergraduate pursuing a BSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds. Prior to joining Leeds, I completed my first year at Taylor's University in Malaysia.

What sets the University of Leeds apart is its vibrant and diverse academic community, committed to supporting students throughout their educational journey.

During my undergraduate program in Malaysia, my passion for life sciences led me to explore opportunities at esteemed universities abroad. Leeds stood out as the perfect choice due to its renowned faculty and well-equipped laboratories, which enable me to delve deeper into the field of biomedical sciences effectively. What sets the University of Leeds apart is its vibrant and diverse academic community, committed to supporting students throughout their educational journey. Various departments strive to offer students the best resources and experiences. Additionally, individual schools host events that foster a sense of belonging and ensure that no one feels left out.

The University of Leeds boasts over 300 clubs and societies through the Leeds University Union (LUU). I am a proud member of the Malaysian and Singaporean Society, where I've had the pleasure of meeting like-minded individuals and forming lasting friendships. Beyond clubs and societies, the university provides numerous opportunities such as study abroad programs, industrial placements, internships, and graduate work assistance. These programs are instrumental in shaping a well-rounded educational experience.

My time in Leeds has been marked by unforgettable experiences. The frequent activities organized by clubs and societies have allowed me to meet new people and explore various interests. The University of Leeds is home to a welcoming and supportive community of students and staff. They readily assist me and patiently address my questions and concerns. When I first arrived in the UK, I lacked confidence in conversing with locals due to English not being my first language. However, the university's international support, including transport and assistance, made my transition heart-warming. My flatmates and classmates have been friendly, patient, and understanding.

I am deeply passionate about my course as it allows me to delve into various scientific areas, such as chemotherapy, pharmacology, omics, and data biology. I am particularly interested in understanding the intricacies of human biology and the root causes of diseases, with the hope of contributing to the treatment of currently incurable conditions. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling. I find England and Europe to be breath-taking, and traveling serves as a means to release stress and appreciate the beauty of the world. While I haven't travelled extensively, I look forward to exploring more destinations, given Leeds’ convenient location for reaching various parts of the UK.

To prospective students considering the University of Leeds, my advice is to seize every opportunity and step out of your comfort zone. Your potential is limitless, and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve. Shine bright and make the most of your time here!

Please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions you may have via email at or on UniBuddy.

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