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Shruti Shreya

From: India
Studying: MSc International Business
I speak
English and Hindi
MSc International Business

Hi! I am Shruti Shreya. I belong to the city of dreams which is Mumbai. I am currently pursuing MSc International Business in the Leeds University Business School. Before this I completed my Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Delhi.  

The prestigious university also offers excellent research facilities with the opportunity to get taught by the experienced faculties .

Business is a subject which involves critical thinking, decision making and problem solving. This has always intrigued me to learn more about the subject business. The University of Leeds which is a part of Russell Group is also accredited with the Triple Crown and is ranked 13th position in the UK for its Business School. The prestigious university also offers excellent research facilities with the opportunity to get taught by the experienced faculties .The design of the course MSc International Business is such that it connects the students with the real-world aspects and provides with a very vast theoretical as well as practical experience with a gist of professional experience which will definitely help to prepare for the future. The module Professional and Academic Skills for Business gives you a chance to master yourself in areas like Data Visualisation and Infographics, Microsoft Excel and there are also lessons on LinkedIn Profile management ,whereas the optional module Global Leadership provides you with an option to connect with the guest speakers who are invited from the reputed companies every week and are very experienced in their respective job fields .The best part about this course is that it offers you a  Masters Beyond Borders option as an extended program, MSc International Business (Study Abroad) where you can spend an additional semester abroad .  

The University has a plethora of things to offer for everyone with different interests, be it societies, competitions or social events. The Leeds University Union compiles of 300 clubs and societies which you can be part of. My favourites are the Women in Leadership Society, the Book Club, and the Debating Society.  

 The service provided by the career centre is something which really amazed me. They help and mentor you throughout and prepare you for the job market with their valuable guidance. They notify you about the new job vacancies, scrutinize the CV, prepare you for the interview procedures, and even conduct mock interviews.  

I often love to spend my time in the library. The Laidlaw Library is my favourite among all the libraries. The access to ample number of resources, the silent study space and the cozy ambience makes it all for a good productive study session for me.  

 I live in a private accommodation called Burley Road hosted by Campus Living Villages which is centrally located and is only 15 minutes away from the University as well the City Centre .The reception staffs, the amenities provided and at the same time it is also good to see all the people coming together and celebrating different occasions like a family such as Halloween, Diwali or Christmas. This gives me a feeling of home away from home and makes me feel comfortable and pleasant .The accommodation also offers you a common area where you can come and meet people, play games or even watch a movie.  

The easy accessibility to accommodations, banks, and shopping outlets makes Leeds a student friendly city. Apart from this there are plenty of options to explore in terms of restaurants and cafes too. There are diverse types of events happening throughout the year and one of them was the Leeds Light Night where the City Centre and the Leeds Dock looked extravagantly beautiful. These all things make the city lively and vibrant.  

University of Leeds has been one of the best decisions of my life and I am sure that the university will be a stepping stone in converting my aspirations into reality.  

Ask me any questions and I'll be happy to help via email at or chat to me on UniBuddy.

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