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Natalie Musleh

From: Jordan
Studying: LLB (graduate) programme
I speak
Arabic and English
LLB (graduate) programme

Hello everyone! My name is Natalie and I am from Jordan. Before university, I studied the International baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.  

The University of Leeds was a popular choice among graduates from my school, friends and relatives. I heard a lot about the University of Leeds which made me intrigued to research and know more about it. Through my research I found that the University of Leeds is a member of the Russell Group and it is highly ranked globally and within the UK. In addition, the Law School itself is ranked the 7th within the UK. Moreover, the University of Leeds has the reputation of having a global perspective due to its multicultural atmosphere integrated within the University. Therefore, this highly motivated me to consider Leeds as my firm choice.     

One of my favourite things about the University is the environment that creates diversity and inclusivity.

This harmony is reflected in the facilities provided by the university such as the Leeds University Union (LUU) where students can enjoy extracurricular activities, study, relax and socialize all at once.  

The University of Leeds offers loads of opportunities that support academic and personal development. These opportunities include events that are made to enhance certain skills, networking and many more. I have attended variety of events including talks regarding tips and skills for essay writing, and talks hosted by the Law Society featuring professionals to provide inspiration and advice to law students. Moreover, I was able to explore new hobbies such as dancing and martial arts which are provided by the University’s numerous societies.   

In my spare time I like to walk around the city exploring new places, exploring nature through the city’s natural beauty found in Hyde park and Roundhay park just to name a few. To my surprise I recently found out that I am fond of exercising which I discovered through attending different classes at the Edge gym where you can exercise and have fun in a highly motivating atmosphere. Additionally, one of my favourite places in Leeds would be the vinyl records and poster shops scattered all across Leeds but particularly in the Corn exchange 

Leeds is a student-oriented city where most places are only a walking distance away. It’s a very vibrant city with so many places to explore such as nature, culture, restaurants and local shops. Leeds’ student environment and the community itself creates a dynamic in one’s journey that inspires personal growth.  

My time in Leeds so far has been enlightening and transforming on so many levels. I am constantly challenged to get out of my comfort zone and break my own barriers but yet still enjoyable. As an international student, I am aware that the idea of studying abroad can be intimidating and challenging however I can assure you its worthy to give it a chance because it will be a life changing experience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on Unibuddy or email I would be delighted to help.    

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