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Nabeel Altaf Wani

From: India
Studying: BSc International Business
I speak
English, Hindi, Kashmiri and Urdu
BSc International Business
Hi I'm Nabeel, a second year student studying Bsc International Business from India!

Throughout my educational journey, the pursuit of higher learning has always been a core aspect. After finishing my studies at Delhi Public School, Anantnag in Kashmir, I found myself drawn to studying abroad. In my quest for top universities in the UK, the University of Leeds stood out with its academic excellence and vibrant student community. Its prestigious Russell Group membership, diverse and inclusive student body, cutting edge research facilities, and a strong focus on employability sealed the deal. The opportunity to study my desired course, BSc International Business, in a city renowned for its cultural and sporting heritage was a bonus.

My time here has opened doors to numerous opportunities.As I now enter the 2nd year of my course, I find myself reflecting on the enriching journey I've climbed upon. The friendships I've formed, the stimulating lectures, the practical group projects, and the wide array of events have all added to the vibrancy of my university life. The support from faculty and the welcoming atmosphere has made Leeds feel like a second home.

One aspect of the University that has particularly stood out is the Leeds University Union (LUU). It offers not just enjoyable events and a plethora of clubs and societies, but fosters a strong sense of community, creating an environment where everyone is heard and valued. This echoes the overall spirit of inclusivity that the University embodies.

My time here has opened doors to numerous opportunities. Participating in LUU society elections has offered insights into leadership and governance. The University's vast network and partnerships have also presented potential internship and placement prospects, and the chance to study abroad, extending my horizons and professional network.

My International Business BSc course has been another highlight, providing a comprehensive understanding of global business practices and principles. The international focus of the course and the balance between theoretical knowledge and practical case studies have prepared me for the dynamic and interconnected world of global business.

Beyond my academic commitments, I've spent my spare time exploring the beautiful city of Leeds. From strolling down its historic streets to visiting the local markets and experiencing the diverse food scene, it has all been a pleasure. I also enjoy local events and fitness clubs available through the University, ensuring a healthy balance between my academic life and wellbeing.

Leeds, a city that beautifully blends urban living and historic charm, has become my home away from home. Its vibrant multicultural ambiance, rich history, and bustling arts scene have made my experience here enriching. The Kirkgate Market, the largest covered market in Europe, has become a personal favourite, offering a cornucopia of food and antiques.

I currently reside in a privately rented apartment conveniently located near the University. While the proximity is a great advantage, managing household chores has taught me invaluable life skills, including budgeting and problem solving. The sense of independence and responsibility that comes with maintaining a home has contributed to my overall personal growth during my time at Leeds.

In conclusion, the decision to attend the University of Leeds has been one of the best I've ever made. From academic enrichment to personal development, this experience has been nothing short of transformative.

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