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Gloria Omurunga

From: Kenya
Studying: MEng Medical Engineering
I speak
MEng Medical Engineering

Hello! My name is Gloria and I’m from Kenya.  

I studied in Kenya High School, Nairobi then did a foundation programme in Brookhouse School, Nairobi. While there, I found out about the University of Leeds during a webinar linking universities in the UK to prospective students in Kenya. I talked to a representative from the school who piqued my interest in the university and the city, and now here I am! I am currently in my second year of the MEng Medical Engineering programme. 

If I’m being honest, before I spoke to the representative, Leeds was not on my radar. However, I looked into the university and the city and was sold immediately. Leeds is an excellent place for people like me who like a balance between city life and quiet. I grew up in a small town so I think living in a busy city would have been a bit too much for me. I heard someone describe Leeds as a smaller Manchester, and I’d have to agree. The city has more than a million things to do so you are never bored, but also has less busy places in case one needs some peace and quiet. The food scene in Leeds is amazing, with several restaurants serving spectacular food. There are also several concerts held in Leeds by both large and small artists, which was a deal breaker for me as I really enjoy live music. Leeds is also really close to Manchester, so travelling there for a concert, event or just to explore is not a hassle. The city has several parks both within city limits and a bus ride away. I recommend Roundhay Park to everyone I meet, it’s beyond beautiful. My favourite place in the city would have to be the Leeds Art Gallery. They display gorgeous pieces of art and hold different interesting exhibitions throughout the year.  

I looked into the university and the city and was sold immediately. Leeds is an excellent place for people like me who like a balance between city life and quiet.

The University itself is also excellent, especially for anyone interested in any branch of engineering. The School of Medical and Biological Engineering here is acclaimed and does ground-breaking work, and I was excited to learn from them. I’d advise any prospective student to really look into the course they would like to pursue and see if the university they would like to join would be a good fit for them, in terms of the school’s research interests and modules they offer. So far my experience here has been nothing but great. The university has several channels through which one can get help if they are struggling with their academics or any personal issues. The personal tutor scheme they have also makes sure you have a direct source of advice from a professional in whatever field you are studying. The university also has several societies through which one can meet people and make friends. I met some of my closest friends through societies such as the Book Club Society and the East African Society.  

 Leeds is a very student friendly cost-wise and in terms of accommodation, in my opinion. Both the university and private companies offer a variety of student accommodations, from studios to shared flats and houses.  I live in a shared flat right next to campus owned by Prestige Student Living and I love it. I’m positive anyone can find accommodation here, no matter their preference or budget. I know people who have been able to find satisfactory accommodation under very tight time constraints.  

Overall, I think Leeds is a wonderful place, and am infinitely happy that I ended up picking this university.  Feel free to email me at or chat to me on UniBuddy

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