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Gil Sharon

From: Israel
Studying: PhD in Media and Communication
I speak
English and Hebrew
PhD in Media and Communication

Hello, my name is Gil 

I am a PhD student in the School of Media and Communication. I came from Israel to the University of Leeds to pursue a PhD and grow as a researcher.  

Previously, I graduated from Tel Aviv University with an MA in Media and Communication. While looking for a doctoral program in my field, I came across the School of Media and Communication at the University of Leeds. The program is considered one of the top schools in Europe for Communication studies. It seemed like a great opportunity to join an excellent academic environment that could facilitate my research.  

The PhD program here exceeded my expectations. The school has an outstanding faculty of scholars and researchers who are experts in their field and are happy to support PhD students in their research. There are endless choices of workshops, lectures, events, suggestions and much more aimed at helping the students through their studies as smoothly as possible. More than that, the University is always active. It was a great surprise to learn that the university truly thinks about the students. There are always events, conferences, and things to do. Something is always happening in the University for the students to enjoy. 

The University even organised an event for international students with families. It was an excellent opportunity to meet people in the same situation as me. Gatherings like that differentiate the University of Leeds from other Universities, as in my experience in Israel and the USA. The University has a full-time student organisation aimed to support international students. I could arguably say that the University is always thinking about its international students and is trying to help as much as possible.  

I came to Leeds with my wife and child. Since the University has a limited capacity of accommodations for families and is very competitive, I had to rent private accommodation. It's not the most straightforward task to rent an apartment in England as a new international student. Still, there is much information online, and I would gladly support anyone going through this process. 

Those who love to party will find their wish here, and those who love the quiet will also find it.

Overall, Leeds is a great city to live in. It's not too big and not too small. The central area, including the University, is walkable and has everything regarding shopping, restaurants, pubs and events. Those who love to party will find their wish here, and those who love the quiet will also find it. Plenty of beautiful natural parks exist to enjoy inside and outside the city. I recommend hiking around the lovely forests at Roundhay Park or Meanwood Valley Trail 

Furthermore, the city is very cosmopolitan and multicultural, with people from all over the world. As a result, international students can more easily transition to life here with the support of people from their communities. But not less important, the multiculturalism in Leeds brings about various cuisines. In my first few weeks here, I ate Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Middle Eastern, American, Caribbean, Mexican and more. 

As you can read, I am enjoying my time at Leeds. So if you want more information, please email me at or chat with me on UniBuddy.

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