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Gael Fort

From: Peru
Studying: International Foundation Year (Social Science Pathway)
I speak
English and Spanish
International Foundation Year (Social Science Pathway)

Hey! My name is Gael Fort from Peru! 

I am currently an International Foundation Year student (Social Science Pathway) and future BA Politics student, I studied in high school in Lima and graduated in December last year. I moved to Leeds in September this year.  

I am really enjoying my course; the modules are really interesting, and they provide the necessary skills for my upcoming degree next year. It gives me a lot of research space and freedom to write my essays with evidenced arguments. The arguments are also presented with extended freedom to transmit whatever position you want in your essay, it is an interesting and fun programme! If your education background requires an International Foundation Year, I really recommend the one with the University of Leeds. It gives you the opportunity to get accustomed to living here, as well as the academic rhythm and themes and skills you will cover in your future degree, since it has different pathways for each different degree you want to progress onto.  

Outside of my studies I am a member of the Leeds University Union Horse Riding Team, participating in trainings and competitions whenever I am needed. It has helped me to make new friends and continue doing a sport I really love here in Leeds. The university and Leeds have an amazing social environment. Whether you like going out or not, there is always something for you to do. If you are worried of socialising, fear not. There is every kind of environments for you to meet people. There is a phrase I really liked that my parents told me before leaving home, “Whether they are locals or internationals, everybody is in the same position.” It is true, everybody is in the same position, but we are all here to support each other, achieve our goals, and have fun. Everybody is open to meeting new people and enjoying their university experience, so you will too!  

My favourite areas of Leeds are Hyde Park, it has great green areas to do picnics or just walk around and enjoy the fresh air. There are various shopping centres as well, my personal favourite is “The Light” which has a really good dessert restaurant called “Haute Dolci Leeds”. The type of desserts really brings me back home and are incredibly good! Inside the campus, the Roger Stevens duck pond is a nice area to sit and relax. If you have luck, you might see some ducks hanging around. There are various cafes around the campus as well as hangout places where you can meet with your friends or meet new people, my favourite one is the café in Parkinson Building. I have my majority of lectures and classes there, so it is a great stop before going to classes. Not to mention, it is also right next to the Brotherton Library, so if I want a quick snack after studying or taking a break, I can get it from there.  

The university is a family. A community in which you feel welcomed into and know that whatever happens you have them.

My favourite part of the university is the student environment that has been created. The university is a family. A community in which you feel welcomed into and know that whatever happens you have them. For international students, moving to a new environment and normally, a place you have never been to can be quite hard. But both in your course and in the university, you can always feel the support and the fun. The Leeds University Union (LUU) is always a good place to look for support, advice, or events to integrate into the community. It has over 300 societies (not necessarily sports!) and inside there are various shops, advice points (personal and even IT!), etc. It is really the heart of the university and its community.  

I am currently staying in Charles Morris Hall; it has been a very positive experience! It is located on campus and provides en-suite, shared bathrooms, catered and non-catered services. It has common areas and a reception which answers every kind of question that you may have.  

If you have any questions, want to know more about my experience or just want to chat feel free to contact me! You can contact me through UniBuddy or by email at 

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