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Abirami Mathialagan

From: India
Studying: MA English Literature
I speak
English and Tamil
MA English Literature

Hello, everyone!   

I’m Abirami from Chennai, India, currently pursuing my Masters in English Literature at the University of Leeds. Being profoundly fascinated by the intricate connection between Literature and Society, I decided to choose English Literature as my major for my bachelor's.   

Having successfully completed my undergraduate studies in English in Chennai, I wanted to further explore the nuances of the literary field while gaining practical skills and knowledge that would aid me with my career prospects. In parallel, my interests in publishing and my experiences within the publishing industry prompted me to seek a global exposure in terms of pursuing higher education. After much research and shortlisting of universities, the University of Leeds proved to be the perfect choice as it met every aspect of my needs and expectations I had in vision for my postgraduate studies.   

The University is also equipped with some of the most advanced and up-to-date resources, which are made easily accessible to the students.   

The University of Leeds is renowned for its academic excellence, as well as for nurturing a well-balanced environment in imparting both academic and practical knowledge to its students. One of the major factors that assured my decision to choose the University of Leeds was the variety of programmes and modules offered, and the creative liberty provided, to perfectly tailor one’s course to meet their individualistic academic and practical needs. The University is also equipped with some of the most advanced and up-to-date resources, which are made easily accessible to the students.   

My favourite aspect of the University is that it ensures the academic excellence of the students, as well as puts in just as equal importance in providing them with the space and opportunities to explore and cultivate their co-curricular and extracurricular interests, offering the perfect balance between academic and personal life for students. There are more than 300 societies in the Leeds University Union (LUU), encompassing almost every activity and interest. The LUU is a great place for the students to not only discover and involve themselves in extracurricular activities pertaining to their hobbies and interests but also to find brilliant opportunities. The LUU building has become one of my favourite places to spend time at the University as it’s always lively, filled with students.    

Additionally, engaging and collaborating with a greatly diverse community at the University has been a remarkably enriching experience for me! It has broadened my global perspective and has provided me with invaluable exposure, fostering a journey of constant learning and development.   

My time at the University of Leeds and the city has been amazing! It can be a bit overwhelming for anyone to travel to a completely new country, adapt to the environmental and cultural changes and begin to form a routine there. And I felt the same way upon my arrival. However, the University and the people here couldn’t be more welcoming! Leeds is such a student-friendly and welcoming city that it made it quite easy for me to transition to life here. And not to forget – the sublime and picturesque beauty of the city which made me fall in love with Leeds! Subsequently, taking a stroll around the city, exploring and enjoying the scenic views of the landscapes has become one of my favourite things to do in my spare time.  

All in all, the University of Leeds and Leeds city are both outstandingly amazing places to study and live in! 

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