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Abdullah Omar Omran Ahmed

From: Egypt
Studying: BEng Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering
I speak
Arabic and English
BEng Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering

Hey there, this is Abdullah Omar. I am thrilled to serve as a Link to Leeds Ambassador for the University of Leeds, where I bring my vibrant personality and diverse educational background. Before joining Leeds, I had the amazing opportunity to study at the English School Fahaheel (ESF) and Cambridge English School (CES) in Kuwait, which laid a strong foundation for my academic journey.

The University of Leeds captured my attention through the enthusiastic recommendations of teachers, friends, and fellow students. It seemed like everyone I spoke to couldn't stop raving about the university's stellar reputation and the incredible student life it offers. It's no wonder Leeds was always mentioned when I asked about the top universities in the UK!

Since arriving at Leeds, my experience has been nothing short of incredible. The university strikes a perfect balance between academic rigor and a supportive community. Whenever I face challenges, whether it's mastering a complex concept or managing my workload, there are always professors and support offices ready to lend a helping hand. The genuine dedication to student success here is truly remarkable.

"Living in Leeds is a joy in itself. The city has a vibrant atmosphere that never fails to amaze me."

One of the things that sets Leeds apart is the abundance of opportunities it offers. As a student of mechatronics and robotics, I had the chance to participate in the university's thrilling robot fighting league. Picture this: designing and building robots from scratch, and then watching them battle it out in the ring. It was an exhilarating experience that not only deepened my understanding of my field but also allowed me to connect with experienced individuals who share my passion. The university also keeps us in the loop about various events and conferences, such as Connected North, Connected Britain, and ICRA 2023, which have expanded my horizons and allowed me to network with professionals in my area of interest.

Beyond academics, I believe in finding the perfect balance between work and play. That's why you'll often find me on the football field, kicking around a ball with my friends. I joined the ArabSoc football team at the university, and it's been an absolute blast! We play league games together and organize friendly matches, creating memories and forming lasting friendships along the way.

Living in Leeds is a joy in itself. The city has a vibrant atmosphere that never fails to amaze me. It offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and exciting city life. Whether you're captivated by breath-taking landscapes or seeking urban adventures, Leeds has it all. The city centre buzzes with activity, featuring bowling alleys, cinemas, arcades, and cozy lounges. And let's not forget the amazing nightlife! Plus, if you're a foodie, you'll be delighted by the plethora of top-tier restaurants serving delicious cuisine from around the world. Oh, and sports enthusiasts won't be disappointed either. Leeds offers an impressive range of sporting facilities, ensuring you can continue pursuing your favourite activities.

Currently, I reside in private student accommodation, and I have to say, it's been a blast! Living here has allowed me to build a strong sense of community and make friends from all walks of life. Whenever boredom strikes, we gather in the communal areas for some quality time together, whether it's watching football matches or simply hanging out and sharing stories. However, I've decided to move into a studio next year to have a dedicated space that truly feels like my own.

As a Link to Leeds Ambassador, my mission is to share my love for the University of Leeds and inspire prospective students to embark on this incredible journey. I can't wait to showcase the exceptional qualities of the university, the supportive environment, and the abundance of opportunities for personal and academic growth. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have at or UniBuddy—I'm here to help and excited to share my Leeds experience with you!

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