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Discover Leeds: Leeds Light Night 2021


Hi everyone, Chetna and Khanh here! We’re going to share our experience of the Light Night 2021.

This year the Leeds Light Night was held on October 14 and 15, lighting up the whole city. The theme for this year was “Back to Nature”, which is quite meaningful as topics related to environment have been highlighted in media in recent years. This year the organizers wanted the visitors to immerse ourselves in nature and think about our impact on the mother earth. Also, after more than 18 long months of lockdown due to the pandemic, it was pleasant to see the city light up and bustling with people (as we arrived at Leeds during the pandemic, it was our first time seeing the city so lively!).


With more than 60 installations over the city, it was impossible to see them all in one night. So the festival guide (£2) came handy to navigate throughout the city. Along with the light shows, street food vendors were seen everywhere. We already had dinner but the smell from the food vendors were tempting enough to have a second dinner. We started from Millennium Square where the “Lightening Catchers” was the highlight. The square got crowded very quickly but it was impressive to see and hear thunders. The “Splinter” was also cool as it was fun to touch the big screens. The “Climate Clock” at the Town Hall and “Climate Canopy” at the Carriage works Theatre were the ones that resonated well because both of us are students under the School of Earth and Environment and these installations were depicting a few of the stuffs we studied about. The “ARC” at the Queens Hotel was also remarkable as every spectator was mesmerized by this show. It was pleasant to stroll around the city finding light shows and discover new spots along the way.

Once you’re in Leeds, the Leeds Night Light is definitely an annual event to look forward to. You might not be able to see all the light installations but it’s worth having a stroll around the city during this event.

Bonus tip: since it happens at night time, carry a jacket or layer up so that you can enjoy the event warmly. Also don’t forget to check the weather forecast before you head out!