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Preparing for Leeds: Tips for Packing!


Hi everyone, we are Khanh and Chetna. Today we are going to share with you some of our experience in regards to preparing your luggage, packing before coming to Leeds. Within this blog, we will share with you what to bring and what not to bring and also some tips about packing.

We know that you are all very excited to prepare for your journey to Leeds. In order to make your packing effective and less stressful, here are some of our advices of packing:

  1. Creating a packing list that includes all necessary things that you will want to bring with you. Packing lists are key to streamlining the process and help you to save time and keep track of your packing. We will share more about what needs to be included within this list later.
  1. Check out the UK rules/regulation of what you can bring and what is restricted when you enter the UK. Leave out any things/ food that are prohibited while you are packing. You can refer to this link for detailed information:
  1. Check and follow the airline information/requirements like:
  • The numbers, sizes and maximum weights of luggage that you are allowed to bring with you.
  • Moreover, what items are allowed and not allowed in your check-in luggage or carry-on luggage. For example, some airline companies don’t allow portable chargers to be put into check-in luggage.

=> Make sure you check and follow all these information/requirements carefully so that you can avoid bringing oversized or overweight luggage and stressing yourself out while check-in.

  1. As regards luggage selection, we suggest that you bring 1-2 big luggage (around 20-23kg), 1 carry-on luggage and 1 backpack with you. Make sure that you choose the good quality ones and also ensure that you choose the luggage that adheres to the requirements of the airline companies.

 What to bring to Leeds:

  1. Clothes, accessories and others.

1.1.     Clothes:

  • Bring 4-5 tops, 2-3 warm clothes (sweater, hoodies, cardigans) and 2-3 jeans/ pants.
  • Bring 1 thick jacket for winter and probably 1 light jacket for windy days.
  • Consider bringing 1 traditional outfit from your home country, you might wear it in some events to introduce your culture to other international friends.

1.2.           Accessories:

  • 1 pair of sneakers and maybe 1 flip-flop to wear in your room.
  • 1-2 socket converters, you can bring the international socket converter like mine in the picture, it can be used even in the UK, EU and the USA.

1.3.           Others, some of you might have to self-isolate when you arrive, consider bringing some of these things.

Note: don't bring too much, just bring enough for use in 1 week, you can order them online later:

  • Dental supplies: toothbrush, toothpaste.
  • Soap and shampoo (small packs).
  • Face and body cleansers, moisturizers (Vaseline for lips).
  • Hand sanitizer, masks.
  1. Some special spices from home.
  • Bring some spices from your home country. You might find them useful for cooking home-made food. However, don’t bring too much, Leeds has almost everything you want. 

  1. Some personal touches.
  • Bring some posters, pictures of your family and friends with you, they will give you more strength and motivation and make you feel more closely connected with your home country.
  1. Medication and Health documents.
  • If you have an ongoing medical condition, bring a letter in English from your doctor explaining:  your diagnosis (the name of your medical condition) , the name and dose of your medication , any monitoring requirements, such as regular blood tests.
  • Bring some basic medicine, pills such as Panadol, Paracetamol for headaches, fever, cold, flus..
  1. Essential documents.

These documents are really important so remember to put them in your backpack or carry-on luggage. 

  • Passport. 
  • Visa (if required) and the letter you receive when your visa is issued. 
  • Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate and letter from the University – if required. 
  • Your academic offer letter. 
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) – if required. 
  • Original academic qualification certificates and English language test report – remember to bring formal translations if your documents are not in English. 
  • Proof of fees paid – if paid in advance. 
  • Sponsorship letter – if applicable. 
  • Proof that you will have the money to pay your fees and to support yourself while living in the UK – this should include bank statements. 
  • Marriage and birth certificates for you and your family – if applicable. 
  • Proof of address in your home country – this could be either a letter from the University sent to your home address or a recent letter from your bank. 
  • Proof of your UK address. 
  • University accommodation contract – if applicable. 
  • Health documents. 
  • Certificate enabling you to work with vulnerable people if needed. 

 What needs to avoid while packing: 

  • Don’t pack too much clothes! Knowing how cold the weather is in the UK, don’t stuff your luggage with winter clothes only. You don’t need to carry all your wardrobe, pack clothes which you are comfortable with and wear frequently. The same goes for shoes and other accessories as well. Once you arrive here, there are tons of shops where you can buy a variety of clothes and there are some places that give student discounts as well. 
  • If you have opted for a self-catering accommodation, you don’t need to bring ANY cooking appliances or utensils. If you’re in university accommodation, you can buy the kitchen pack through the accommodation portal. If not, there are shops like Wilko, Home Bargains and Dunlem, where you can buy kitchen appliances at cheaper and affordable prices. There are second-hand shops and online shops as well where you can get necessary appliances at even cheaper prices.  
  • Don't bring any hazardous materials like fireworks or chemicals that have the potential to hurt you and people around you. Avoid bringing like incense sticks and candles which can cause fire. If you do need it, there are shops here where you can buy it.  
  • You don’t need to carry too many medicines unless you have prescriptions. You can bring about 1 month’s worth of medicines. Commonly used medications like Paracetamol and pain relievers are readily available here. Boots is one of the biggest retailers that sell various kinds of medicines and beauty products. There are also many pharmacies around Leeds and the Leeds Student Pharmacy is located right across the Parkinson Building

Moreover, you can always refer to the university’s websites before you start your packing: 

The bottom line is: don’t overpack with too much stuff. A checklist will help to make packing easier as you can prioritize which items you need to bring. It might be daunting to not have some common items you’re used to, but we assure you that you can find almost all the things you need here at Leeds. 

We hope that our blog can help you to better prepare and feel more re-assured and welcomed before you come to Leeds.