Finding Your Social Circle in Leeds

One of the most unnerving things about moving to a new city or a new University can be finding new friends. It is both an exciting and intimidating experience. On one hand, you might be thinking if you will be able to find like-minded people, and on the other, you cannot wait to meet your batch mates and make new memories. Well, in the University of Leeds you will find many opportunities to find a new social circle and here is a video we created and some of the other ways you can make friends outlined below. 

Leeds University Union (LUU)

Being the central spot of the University, the LUU is hub for all events and where students usually socialise, as the place is always brimming with activity. The LUU houses dance studios, the Riley Smith Theatre, variety of eateries like Oldbar, Terrace and the Common Ground café (which also is a study space) and even a nightclub, Pyramid. This is also where you will find the University’s support team, who are there to help students with any queries related to the University, accommodation and the student life.

The LUU also has the offices of the clubs and societies, which is another great way of meeting new friends…

Clubs and societies

With over 300 clubs and societies, the University has a society for every single interest out there. So from extra circular activities like dancing, singing, sports and martial arts among others, there are societies even for unique interests like coffee tasting, anime, skydiving etc.

There are also faith-based societies and clubs that are specific to few regions and countries, which can be the best place to find community based groups. If you are an international student coming to the UK, such societies can help you feel at home during your initial days.

I, myself, am a part of  VIBES – the Bollywood Dance society, Leeds Student Television (LSTV) and the Leeds Media Students’ Society (LMS) and I can say it from my own experience that some of the best memories I have made have been through these societies. They have not just helped me in finding new friends, but also gave me the opportunity to participate in a lot of events.

Global Community Social Activities

Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, the International Student Office runs the Global Community online socials, giving new students a space to meet other newcomers. Hosted by the Link to Leeds ambassadors, the socials features fun games and quizzes about the University, cultural difference between the UK vs other countries, and life in Leeds. Since these socials are currently running virtual, even students who are in isolation or are quarantining, can also be a part of them.


One of the first places to find a new social circle can also be your accommodation spaces. Resident Life teams organises social events and gatherings that bring together people, who live in the same accommodation that gives you a chance to meet people. Moreover, your flatmates might happen to be one of the first people you will interact with, as you begin your journey in the University. It will be nice to socialise with them in the accommodation’s social spaces or do activities together like go for movie screenings at the LUU, explore the city of Leeds or even participate in virtual competitions like bake-offs, candle making, yoga sessions etc. held by the Resident life teams.

Coursework and Schools

Events held by Schools and module programmes helps one find their classmates, with whom they can share similar academic experience and also find like-minded individuals to share similar interests with. As a part of your orientation week, module leaders and professors host keep games and quizzes day, which are fun, interactive and a great icebreaker.

So, here are some of the ways in which you could find a new social circle. Here’s hoping you have a great time in Leeds, find friends and make great memories with them.


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