Freshers Week 2020

Written by Amir Saemi

Hello everyone. I hope you all are safe & well. I am back with another blog about this year’s Freshers Week at the University of Leeds / Leeds University Union (LUU).

This Freshers Week is going to be slightly different this year and the week did not happen like previous years. Despite this, the LUU team of staff and students with the help of the university, managed to run plenty of events so it felt just as busy as a full on physical freshers and continued to help new students find the opportunity to make new friends!

From 21 September, there was an outdoor cinema that has run for 4 weeks. This outdoor cinema is located in the chancellor’s court … right in the Centre of our beautiful campus. For this to happen, LUU partnered with Hyde park picture house and they held multiple screenings each day … even including the weekends!

I have watched a lot of the movies as I was working in the cinema for the first 2 weeks and I must say they had a really good selection of movies from comedy to drama, classic to modern. It was a part-time job on campus I was quite happy to take…

I got the opportunity to watch a few of my favourite movies such as The Big Lebowski (big fan!), Clueless & Back to the Future. I have also watched Lady Bird for the very first time and it turned out to be a great movie.

If you’re researching into Leeds and never heard of a Union before, you should know that LUU (Leeds University Union) is one of the biggest student unions in the country. It has over 350 societies and clubs including sports, volunteering, cultural and charities. It wouldn’t have been a freshers week without the opportunity to find out more about all these societies and clubs at Leeds. For one week, different societies were allocated into stalls in the union and students were able to go and find out about these societies & register their interest. Most of the societies also held virtual events for people who would not have been able to make it to the stalls. However, you don’t have to worry if you miss the virtual events or even Freshers Week in the years to come! Almost all of the societies accept members throughout the year and they all can be contacted through their social media or email address. Simply visit the union website and find out more about the societies and clubs we have here.

LUU also arranged an outside tent which includes a bar and it is located just in front of the union. In addition to that, there has been street food from different cuisine around the world each week…is there a better way to find out more about cultures than through food?! For the first week, we had poutine from Canada but there has also been Korean street food!

Thanks for reading this blog and if you have any questions please get in touch 🙂


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