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A to Z International Student Guide


Hello, we are Joceline, Hui and Fernanda, Link to Leeds ambassadors from Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico. We have created an A-Z guide to provide a wide range of helpful tips and information for you now that you are starting your life at Leeds. We hope this guide can help you answer some of your questions but if you need more information, you can access the links on each letter. 

We are sure you will have a great time in Leeds!

A - Accommodation

Accommodation might be the most important thing when coming to university, as it’s where you’ll be residing for the rest of the term! In the University of Leeds, you have the choice of going into university accommodation or private accommodation. Unipol can help you if you’re looking to stay in private accommodation!

A - Academic Support

Going into university can be a drastic change to some, like how you learn and what you learn will be different. But be assured that the university will provide support for all students! You may get help from your personal tutors, lecturers and even other students at other levels! Read more about the support we offer here.

B - Bank Account

Creating a bank account in the UK for international students is absolutely crucial. No one wants to store all of their cash in their rooms! There are numerous banks that offer accounts specifically for students, so look through whichever suits you most! The International Student Office has prepared a website to help you with opening a bank account. 

C - Career Centre

The career centre provides support for all your queries regarding your future career! They run workshops for volunteering and internship opportunities, which is always great to get more insight. Additionally, they are still running mock interviews and CV checks virtually, so you’ll still be able to access their services!

D - Discounts

Since Leeds is a city full of students, you can expect to get loads of student discounts. A lot of these are offered via an app, such as UniDays, Totum, and StudentBeans.

D - Disability Services

If you have a disability, whether it’s visible or not, make sure to contact the disability services to receive the support that you need. There are various forms of support given and they are incredibly helpful to everyone!

E - Edge

The Edge is our on-campus gym, and it has state of the art facilities and lots of weekly classes to suit everyone! If you are staying in university accommodation, you will have the basic membership of The Edge, which allows you to visit the gym in off-peak times.

F - Food

Food is something that is absolutely crucial to our survival, so be sure to pay special attention to it! Most students choose to cook their own food, as getting takeaways can get quite expensive really quickly! Make sure to brush up on those cooking skills while you are here. We have numerous cafes dotted around the campus and they serve coffee, hot foods  and cold foods as well. The Refectory is similar to a cafeteria and it is located in the Leeds University Union. It has a range of global foods, from Chinese to Indian, Italian and Street Foods. 

F - Facilities

Some of the locations at the University are opening back again. Some cafes on campus, the Union and the Library for example. If you go to campus, you will need to follow the healthy measures required and for some places, you will need to book a slot time.

G - General Practitioner

A general practitioner (or GP) is a doctor that will be your first point of contact if you fall ill or need any prescribed medicine. It’s important to register as soon as possible and not to wait until you fall ill. If your case is serious, they may refer you further to another specialist.

G - Groceries

Quite obviously, getting groceries will be something you do quite often. In Leeds, there are multiple options on where you want to get your groceries. We have Co-Op in the Leeds University Union, which is on-campus and incredibly convenient. Around 15 minutes away from campus, we have Morrisons, which is one of the largest supermarkets in the city centre. It is incredibly convenient and has a large range of products. Around the city and student housing areas, there are other supermarkets, such as Tesco and Sainsbury. Some are a bit smaller, but still useful to get your daily round of groceries. Abu Bakr is also a great place to get halal food.

H - Health

It’s quite obvious that the world now has completely changed the way we view health. Studying abroad can be exciting, however, it is important to take care of your health! Make sure you are consuming enough and getting an adequate amount of rest. Follow the health and safety regulations and always be alert!

I - International Student Office

The International Student Office provides support that are specific to international students. This can be any immigration or visa queries or services to cater to international students. They run activities in the Global Community, which aims to bring together local UK students and international students.

J - Joblink 

Joblink is the student job shop where students can search for part-time and flexible jobs, internships and projects. They are part of the Leeds University Union and are located on campus.

K - Key dates 

Accommodation, exams, bank holidays, deadlines... There are many important key dates you should be aware of so don’t miss track of your activities and duties. Some of these dates vary from school to school so make sure you check their website regularly. Here are some of the general key dates for the 2020/21 session. 

L - Link to Leeds 

Link to Leeds is the group of friendly ambassadors, like us, to whom you can talk directly and ask for information related to your studies, accommodation or other common doubts. 

M - Minerva 

Minerva is the portal you will use for your studies while in Leeds. This is the university’s portal and virtual learning environment. You’ll find here online materials, access to you mail, modules and different announcements. 

N - Nightline 

Nightline is a listening and information service for students in Leeds. Their service is confidential, anonymous, non-directive, non-advisory and non-judgemental. This student society is available from 8 pm until 2 am during term time.¡

O - Online Learning 

Since the start of this pandemic, many of the activities at the University have moved online. You can access lots of tools to get ready to learn online.

O - Out of hours services 

Do you need help during non-office hours? There are different places in Leeds where you can get immediate support. Here you can find how to get help in case of emergency.

P - Personal tutor 

During your studies, you will have an academic personal tutor, they are an important connection with your School or faculty. You will develop a professional and supportive relationship with them. 

Q - Questions? 

Many students and prospective students have different questions regarding coming to Leeds. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding coronavirus and travelling in this time.

R - Registration 

Whether you’re new or returning to Leeds you will need to complete your student registration at the beginning of each academic year. Here you can access the details of what registration involves.

S - Societies 

There are more than 300 clubs and societies for you to join.  If none of them catches your fancy, you can even start your own!  It is a great way to gain soft skills and make new friends.

U - Union 

Leeds University Union (LUU) is not just a building, but a student organisation that makes your student life fantastic. From foods to shops, from support to discussion spaces, you can find almost everything you need in LUU. Franks Feng, one of the Link to Leeds ambassadors, is also our first International Officer, which is part of the Student Exec.

V - Volunteering 

There is a range of volunteering opportunities at Leeds. Not only will you be able to contribute to society and you will also gain opportunities to navigate your career goals.  

W - Wellbeing 

No matter what difficulties you are facing, you can always seek guidance from the University. Be it health or disability services, the University is ready to support you. Read more here about the support and wellbeing facilities. 

X - Xchange

As an international student, it is important to pay attention to the exchange rate between GBP (Great Britain Pound) and your home country’s currency. 

X - Xtra Precautions and Measures

On-campus, there will be extra measures placed to keep everyone safe. Some of them are one-way paths, hand sanitisers, and 2m markings. Be sure to follow these measures to stay safe!

Y - Year in Industry 

A placement year is a golden opportunity for students to put the knowledge learnt into practice. Most schools have a dedicated placement team to help students find a placement. Our Careers Centre can provide useful application guidance too.

Z - Zoom Socials 

A fun social event facilitated by Link to Leeds ambassadors from 17:00 to 18:00 UK time every day. There will be games, campus tours, discussions, and other kinds of interactive activities. We can keep ourselves safe by socialising at home!

Do you need more information or want to chat? Remember we can help! Check out the Link to Leeds profile section and reach out with one of our ambassadors.