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Things you can do while in self-isolation


Hi! My name is Kendy and it has been nearly a month since I went back to my home country. Following the regulations, I had to isolate in a hotel room for 14 days. So I really understand how it feels when in self-isolation and I’m going to share the things I have done during those 14 days. By the way, Amir has shared lots of useful tips such as how to get to Leeds, how to buy essentials in his recent blog. If you haven’t read it, you can have a look at here.

On the first day, I was really really really tired after a 12 hour flight so I spent lots of time sleeping. And for the next few days, I also slept a lot because of jet lag. I guess the first few days will go fast for many people because we get excited when we go to a new country or go back home.

I felt refreshed after I got accustomed to my ‘new life’ and then I began to work on my final project. If you just go to Leeds, you can log in Minerva, which is the student portal of the university. You can find some reading lists and learning resources (if your lecturers have uploaded some) under the ‘Learn’ section. Besides, you can access LinkedIn Learning on the homepage of Minerva but don’t forget to log in with your university account. The university library also provides some useful tips about how to become an online learner. The Skills@Library  service also provides year-round, online support including online workshops, online one-to-one appointments, etc.

Don’t forget to open the window and take a deep breath after long study sessions. It makes me relaxed when I’m doing nothing, staring at the people outside or just watching the clouds.

I promised myself I would definitely cook if I had the facilities. Before going to the UK, I could only do a few simple dishes like fried eggs. But I fell in love with cooking after I started to feed myself. And of course, one of the most important reasons is that it is not that easy to find cheap, delicious and authentic food from my own country. If you want, I would encourage you to cook during self-isolation. There are lots of recipes and guides available on YouTube. It is also a good way to practise listening. I also enjoy watching reality shows while eating and I followed the ‘Chinese Restaurant Season 4’ and ‘Street Dance of China Season 3’ whilst in isolation. There may be free trials of membership on platforms such as Netflix, YouTube Premium and Amazon Prime.

It is still a good idea to connect with friends even if you can’t meet them face-to-face during isolation. Thanks to technology, now we can meet friends virtually anytime and anywhere. Do chat as well as interact with your friends and family and share your feelings, even if you play games! And if you want to make some new friends, social media is a good choice. You can try finding your colleagues and school on social media such as Facebook groups. So far the LUU Leeds Student Community Facebook Group has been set up, you can join the group by clicking here. There are also a number of activities at the Leeds University Union, which includes digital-only events, outdoor festivals and indoor events on campus. There are more than 300 clubs and societies available for you to get involved with. Don’t forget to check them out!

And you can check emails regularly in case you miss anything. It is normal to receive many emails, especially at this period. There are useful tips for new students and you can check the university webpage here. It’s also a good choice to prepare CVs with the online service of the Careers Centre.

14 days will pass really fast so don’t forget to make your plans after self-isolation. You can make a travel plan in Leeds or get ready for the career fair. Sometimes it may be a little hard because of being alone or settling in a new place. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you've got a question or problem!

Actually, I got a little upset on the day I left because I felt like I may not have the same experience again in my life. But of course, my sadness has gone very quickly when I got out and became free.

Stay positive and we will get through this. Good luck!