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My 6 Week Pre-Sessional Course Experience For Postgraduate Students


I remember vividly when I chose the 6 weeks pre-sessional course and arrived in the UK. I left my home country, Korea on the first weekend of August and started taking the course the next Monday. The reason why I chose the pre-sessional course was to improve my English skills, learn how to write academic writing, and settle down before the start of my master course.

The pre-sessional course was divided into morning and afternoon classes, with 2 to 3 hours each. I had learned about genre analysis, writing process, critical review, academic integrity, organising seminar and presentation skills for 6 weeks. I learned the necessary academic skills which helps me a lot in postgraduate course. As an international student, I had never had experience of British Education before. For example, I had no concept of quotation or plagiarism. It was good to learn more through the course. I am able to apply the reference based on what I learned during the course when I have written my essay and assignments.

Another reason I chose the pre-sessional course was that I wanted to adjust to life in the UK before I started my postgraduate course. It takes time to settle down at a new place away from family and friends. It may seem simple, but it has also been a great help to me because I was very concerned about things like creating a bank account, registering with the GP, and buying home essentials, and so on. I could handle them step by step for 6 weeks. Getting used to life in the UK in advance brought the benefit of being able to focus on studying from the beginning of my master's life.

During the pre-sessional course, various events were held at the Student Union(LUU). There were many opportunities to meet new friends and gain various experiences through many programs such as a global cafe, a tour of famous restaurants in Leeds, and a one-minute speech. I could talk and share ideas with friends from all over the world. I have never tried, but there was a program that allowed us to travel to the town near Leeds every weekend. I regret not being able to participate in weekend program in August when the weather was good.

6 weeks was really precious. I really miss the pre-sessional course because the classes are very tight once the postgraduate course begins. If there is a student who is not familiar with British Education like me, I strongly recommend pre-sessional course. You can get chances not only improving your academic English skills but also broadening your social horizon.