Cooking Demonstrations for Halloween and Bonfire Night 2019

Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night) is annually held on the 5th November since 1605, in order to mark the anniversary of the discovery of a plot organized by Catholic conspirators to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London. Therefore we can now see bonfires and beautiful fireworks every year!! Well, thanks to Guy Fawkes (umm, I guess…) hahaha. To experience the atmosphere of the celebration in the UK, I’ve joined the Eat Global cooking demonstration hosted by Great Food at Leeds and Global Community; they will be teaching students to cook some traditional food that people love to have during Bonfire Night. In fact, the leaflet caught my eyes when it says – free food. You may not see it in the picture but it is actually full house and tickets sold out very quick! Lucky I just got one!

To check out what’s more food events they have in Leeds or our university, please click the link below!
Eat Global:
Great food at Leeds:
Global Community:

The chefs from Great Food at Leeds are funny and the cooking demo is really easy to pick up! We learned to make Chickpea and Pumpkin curry (they knew that we bought way too many pumpkins for Halloween last week so)

Also we get to try some parkins! Parkin is a gingerbread cake traditionally made with oatmeal and black treacle, which originated in northern England. it is a well-known dessert in Yorkshire and Leeds area. (kids love it). It is a little bit spicy and sweet at the same time, which you can experience some interesting sensations with your tongue especially in winter.

One of the students had a chance to cook with the chefs! Obviously, due to the time, they have pre-made plenty of Yorkshire puddings for us, hehe (Chef: don’t tell people that you’ve ever studied in Leeds if you don’t know how to make Yorkshire pudding :p

Well, if that’s not enough, how about making your own bread?

Didn’t expect that everyone is very creative here!!  :0

To be honest, the cooking demo is actually so much fun as you get to learn it with other people and the chefs are friendly and easy-going, as warm as the food they make. Moreover, the recipe is easy to learn and I’m gonna try this at home too! Does it make you wanna make your own Yorkshire pudding too? Well, lucky that you are here now right 😉 Go see the attachment for the recipes!!!

Recipes of bread and Parkin

Chickpea and Pumpkin curry recipe

Apart from cooking, some people somehow got all wet! Opssss. In fact, as a Bonfire Night tradition, there is a game called ‘grapple game’ where people will be challenged to dip their head into a big bucket of water and grab the floating apples with your mouth, the fastest win! It sounds dangerous doesn’t it!? Obviously, I didn’t get a single apple as I can’t swim but somebody did it within two seconds!! Good for them! For the people  who didn’t get one, it’s okay~ toffee apples are always available at the supermarkets 😉

After the cooking demo, I have met some friends there and we went straight to the bonfire in Hyde Park which is just 3 minutes walk from the union. Here is one of the photos that I took 😉 hope you can feel the warmth from this blog, what a night xx