Ed Sheeran Divided Tour Leeds

Attending a pop singer’s concert is on my “must-do” list coming to the UK. I am so thrilled that this little “mission” was finally dismissed because ED SHEERAN IS COMING TO LEEDS!!! Ed Sheeran’s Divided Tour was definitely the one big thing happened over this weekend in Leeds. Two huge outdoor gigs were held at Roundhay Park on Friday and Saturday night in Leeds, this super star attracted over 1000,000 people. I was lucky enough to attend the one on Saturday because it was pouring down with rain on Friday!

“I was born in Yorkshire and raised in Suffolk, so I felt like I needed to play these shows,” said Ed Sheeran as he opened his Divide Tour, that is why he chose Leeds as his final run for his tour. He played the full two hours presenting many of his well-known songs. My favourite one is “Perfect”, its lyric is so heart-punching. However, I don’t intend to run into too much details about this concert as every show is different. Ed Sheeran may not be in Leeds in the next couple of years, there is always so much more going on (I remember Shawn Mendes was here in April). So, what I want to share is how you get to know about these shows and how to avoid possible troubles.

Ticketmaster (https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/) is always a safe source to browse for new events and purchase your tickets. Be aware, do not try to purchase tickets from untrustworthy websites, always check reliable sources from the singer’s official sites. Another personal tip for you is, if official tickets sell out, you can try to look for secondhand tickets at Viagogo (https://www.viagogo.co.uk/), which is a reliable online ticket market. You may find some last-minute offers from your favorite singers.

A kind reminder that you need to be well-prepared, especially if it is your first time going. Google will be your best friend. Check the time, place and date first, then don’t forget to see “What to Bring” and “Banned Items”. For example, we were required to show the confirmation email, our ID card (BRP), and bank card that was used to purchase the ticket for entry. Situations might be different for other shows. Bring water if you are ready to sing along. Also, check the routes to get there and plan your trip well in advance. Because some main routes might be closed due to the concert, and regular traffic might not be able to get there directly, you will need to figure some other ways out. The more you are aware of the situations, the better you can solve the problems. If you are attending an outdoor show like me, don’t forget to check the weather to see if you need an umbrella, raincoat or wellies!

It is really fun and different studying in the UK, I hope you all can fit in well and quickly. Good preparation is always helpful. I wish you all the most wonderful year and take the best advantage of your study time in Leeds.