Tasuku Azuma

Hello, my name is Tasuku, and I am originally from Japan. I studied IBDP (International Baccalaureate) in Osaka, and am in my second year of Biological Sciences course (undergraduate) at the University of Leeds. Biology has been my favourite subject, because I simply love learning about how various organisms use different systems to keep themselves alive, and how humans can use that to gain benefit.

When I was in high school, I participated in a summer school programme called Osaka Global School, which included two-weeks study abroad experience here at Leeds. After experiencing lectures and life at accommodation, and being introduced to the city, I discovered that the University of Leeds is the best fit for me. 

The University is ranked within top 100 around the world in QS Global World Ranking 2022, and is also known as a research-intensive Russel group university. The professors are engaged not just in teaching, but are actively taking part in projects at the frontier of their fields. This is a huge advantage of being a University of Leeds student. My microbiology professor used to work as a clinical microbiologist, and he shares stories and tips from his experience, which has been expanding my perspective. Also, professors are keen to answer your questions and provide help and guidance whenever you share your issues.

In addition, the University of Leeds is a red brick university, having an over a century long history of delivering high quality education since Victorian era. Moreover, the diversity at the University of Leeds makes you, as an individual, feel welcomed and supported regardless of your background.

I am currently studying BSc Biological Sciences, which is designed to cover a variety of topics, and you can switch between courses (as long as they’re taught by the same faculty) to tailor to your interest. This degree also prepares you for a specialised career at an early stage. This is actually quite useful for a person like me, as I wish to spend some time looking for a particular field to focus on, while cementing my foundational skills and knowledge.

Beyond studying, the city of Leeds has so much to explore, like Leeds town hall and Trinity Leeds (one of several shopping centres), yet everything you need is within a reasonable distance. There are a variety of shops in the city centre, and weekly classical concerts at Leeds town hall are unmissable.

I always buy Pat Thai whenever I come close by the stall at Kirkgate market, and I love to spend hours just looking at a vast collection of books at WH Smith and Waterstones. Also, buses and taxis are operating around the city, which is always convenient if you are running short on time, or to simply go to the university campus from your university accommodation.

Last but not least, the Leeds has so many opportunities to offer, and the university and the faculty of your study have abundant resource and knowledge, to help you to grab these valuable chances. This includes things like meeting new people virtually during lockdown, joining and socialising in societies, studying beyond your subject of study via discovery modules, or applying to an internship, just to mention a few. I have already met my best friends from my accommodation, and I’m living with my friends and their flatmates in a private accommodation.

If you have any questions, or just want to know more about living/studying at the University of Leeds in general, please contact me – I’ll be more than happy to answer!