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Serene Loh

From: Malaysia
Studying: BSc Accounting and Finance
I speak
Mandarin, Malay and English
BSc Accounting and Finance

I’m Serene and I’m from Penang, Malaysia. I studied Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) in Chung Ling Private High School before I started university in the UK.

It had always been my dream to further my studies in United Kingdom ever since I was 13. Others have asked me from time to time, "why United Kingdom?" The fact that I was interested is a places thousands of miles away was intriguing. Cliché or not, I always tell others that United Kingdom is my utopia - somewhere I would love exploring the endless possibilities of life. No doubt, the UK has a highly impressive international academic reputation which draws the attention of applicants all over the world. In addition, the culture and historical background of UK fascinates me, which urged me to dive deeper into it.

So why did I choose University of Leeds? It is undeniable that University of Leeds has an excellent reputation as it is a Russell Group University and has a top 100 global ranking. Upon research, I found out that the school is also in the top five universities targeted by top graduate employers in the UK. Furthermore, Leeds University Business School is triple accredited which weighs a lot because there’s only about 1% of all business schools around the world has that. The course I’m studying, BSc Accounting and Finance,  has good performance in all three league tables and it is a plus point that the programme carries exemptions from 3 professional bodies.

The atmosphere at the University of Leeds is welcoming and friendly, which makes me feel like I’m home - not to mention that the school has plenty of schemes that gives you the sense of belonging. I’ve heard so much about societies and activities in our school as a prospective student and as a current student I can assure you that you will find something for yourself as there are more than 300 student-run clubs and societies, as well as a jam-packed annual calendar of events, festivals, trips and sports matches. Don’t worry - you are not obliged to buy the membership of any of the societies - as long as you’re interested in them, you’re more than welcome to join their events. Also you’re more than welcome to start a club of your own if your interest doesn’t match with any of the current clubs and societies. The University's architecture is absolutely stunning, the lecture halls are equipped with world class-facilities and we have a state-of-the-art fitness centre, the Edge. I fell in love with the vibes the campus gave me ever since I first stepped onto it - it makes me feel like I’m going to be a business elite in no time.

Attending seminars are great in helping students grasp the concept of lecture materials. The lecturers and seminar leaders are super friendly and approachable and they constantly remind students to not be afraid to reach out anytime. They always say “Feel free to drop in my Q&A sessions and I don’t bite”. I have to admit that a lot of learning does come from asking questions. Not to mention my academic personal tutor has been really helpful and open to all kind of questions I have. From all these scheduled one-on-one meetings, she listens to me, pays special attention to my work and provides constructive feedback and encouragement. I know my academic personal tutor would be the go-to if I need any advice.

Support and opportunities like Academic Personal Tutors, Mentoring Schemes, Peer Assisted Study Schemes, Volunteering Experiences, Summer Schools, Study Abroad and Work Placements will definitely enhance every student’s university experience. Not to mention the school has services like Careers Centre which helps students in improving employability like building a LinkedIn profile, writing CV, preparing for interviews and so on. There are also student representatives for different matters so it’s quite easy to voice out your opinion and contribute for a change.

"Leeds is a super student friendly city that makes you feel like a home away from home."

The campus is only 10 minutes away from city centre. It has a perfect balance between study environment and leisure environment. Not to mention that the cost of living is not that high so it wouldn’t be that much of a burden to you and your family. There’s always something for everyone in the city - be it a café, a park or a nightclub. Best part of it is that everywhere is accessible by foot, even if it’s somewhere further you can take the bus and it’s super easy to navigate too.

I feel great when I get to wander around the city and try out brunch spots. When it’s sunny outside, I’ll go to parks like Hyde Park or Roundhay Park to absorb some long-needed vitamin D. Occasionally, my friends and I would go out and explore the nightlife in Leeds. You would be amazed by how thriving the music scenes in Leeds are and you’re definitely spoilt for choice. Also, Leeds offers aplenty of pubs and bars for you to catch up with your friends. Since the libraries at the University have long opening hours, my friends and I would do a study marathon sometimes too.

I’ve stayed in both Lupton Residences and Central Village before, and I’m currently staying in a private student accommodation with my friend. Lupton Residences is in the middle of Headingly area - a vibrant and lively area. There’s a range of cafes, bars, shops and restaurants on my doorstep. The local supermarket is just around the corner from Lupton, where you'll also find regular bus services to and from the campus and the city. On the other hand, I really appreciated how Central Village is located between city centre and the campus as it brings convenience. It has a 24hr reception and a pretty big common room for people to hang out in. Living in halls is definitely one of my best decisions I’ve made because I gained a lot of valuable and memorable experiences and not to mention that the rent is inclusive of electricity bills, water bills, and the Edge gym membership.

If you want to chat with me about anything, feel free to message me on Unibuddy or through email Looking forward to hearing from you!

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