Khanh Ngo

Xin Chào,

I am Khanh, an international student who is pursuing MSc Sustainability and Consultancy. I am from Vietnam- a beautiful and lovely country in Southeast Asia. 

Since I was young, I have acknowledged my love for the environment and that love continues to grow stronger and stronger within me. For that reason, I chose to study bachelor degree of Natural Resources and Environmental Management at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology- one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam. In 2017, I was granted an exchange scholarship by the Department of State to participate in the 2017 YSEALI Academic Fellowship Program under the theme of Environmental and natural resources management, which was a life-changing experience for me. During the program, I got the chance to learn about sustainable development and I started to grow fond of it.  Sustainability has then become a core value to me, that’s why I choose to act sustainably both in my personal and professional life.  After graduating, I started my sustainability journey at CHANGE- one of the most influential environmental NGO in Vietnam. As a project manager, I worked together with my team to implement the iChange Plastics Project which focused on promoting  saying-no-to-single-use-plastics lifestyle among young Vietnamese. 

2020 is definitely a memorable year for me as I have been awarded a CHEVENING Scholarship to pursue MSc Sustainability and Consultancy at the University of Leeds,  which will support me in progressing my career as a Sustainability Consultant. Regarding my course choice, I had researched over 50 universities in the UK and eventually, I am really happy (even until now) when I figured about my current master program. I believe that my course is the very first, one-and-only course in the UK that offers studying and career development in sustainability consulting. With no doubt, I acknowledge that this is the right course for me.  What attracts me the most about the program is that it provides me not only with strong foundation knowledge in sustainability, but also tangible consultancy skills needed in the field. 

I have never regretted that I chose to embark on my new journey at University of Leeds. It is definitely my best decision so far. First of all, I am proud and impressed with the massive opportunities and support that students, especially international students can gain from the student unions at Leeds, including International Student Office, Leeds University Union, Links to Leeds. As a new student who came to the UK for the first time, I have received tremendous support from the International Student Office which helped me to settle in very quickly. As regards the studying experience, despite all difficulties caused by the COVID-19, I am still enjoying my academic life at Leeds so far thanks to the efforts made by the university and my faculty to ensure that students can receive the best quality of studying as well as gain diverse living experience in the UK.  

My most exhilarating experience so far is to spend time at the university’s study space. Every week, I will book a study space in the library which is very suitable for self-studying in a quiet area or I will go to Leeds University Union which also offers many comfortable study spaces, where I can study together with my friends. Moreover, as an active person, I am genuinely happy to become a part of the vibrant, creative community here at Leeds. Right now, besides being a Links to Leeds ambassador, I am also a member of the International Student Advisory Board , through which I can offer my experience and knowledge in supporting other international students to earn their best time at Leeds. 

Last but not least, I love Leeds city. I think Leeds is a small and affordable city, which is very suitable to live for students. The city is compact and strongly connected, I find it really great and convenient to walk from place to place. Furthermore, I love Leeds as the city provides me with a peaceful (but not too peaceful) environment to study and at the same time provides me with a diverse range of engaging activities so that I can fully relish my time here. My most favourite place so far must be Hyde Park which is a wonderfuget-away place for me when I need a fresh moment of myself. 

At the moment, I am staying in Blenheim Point– the newest university accommodation which is very near to the university as well as the centre. So if you are looking for a quiet, safe and comfortable accommodation, I would recommend Blenheim Point. 

do understand that when you first come to Leeds, you might have some rough starts. I have been in your situations so I can get how you feel. Believe me, things will improve and get better. So if you need any assistance or just simply want to talk, I am here for you.