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Joceline Kamajaya

From: Indonesia
Studying: PhD in Chemistry
I speak
English and Indonesian
PhD in Chemistry

Hi all! I’m Joceline, a 1st Year PhD student in Chemistry from Indonesia. Prior to starting my PhD, I completed a foundation year in the Leeds International Study Centre and completed a MChem Medicinal Chemistry with a Year in Industry in the University of Leeds. I studied a National Curriculum in Indonesia, hence why I needed to do the Foundation year. I chose to study in the University of Leeds for a variety of reasons. I initially chose it as it had excellent quality of research and facilities, both of which were vital to my career path. Additionally, students from University of Leeds were one of the most employable students in the UK, indicating great support from the Career’s Centre. Lastly, the city itself is a multi-cultural city with diverse communities, which allowed me to interact and build relationships with people from all over the globe.  


During my undergraduate studies, I was actively involved in various schemes to grow and develop various transferable skills. In my first year, I was an Intercultural Ambassador, where I collaborated with other students to plan and run an event for International Women’s Day. I was also a Course Rep for the first two years of my degree. I then went on to do a placement year at Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) during my third year. I worked in the Formulations Business Unit, under the Automation and Digital team. During this year, I focused on automation and machine learning within the pharmaceutical industry. In my final year, I conducted a research project in a similar area. I was also a Student Project Assistant in the Leeds Institute of Teaching Excellence, where I helped deliver research in student education and experience. These were a few things I got involved in during my studies, and while they were challenging, it really made my university experience much better! 


All these various experiences allowed me to grow both technical and transferable skills. Importantly, it helped me grow my confidence and independence, both of which were essential to be a great researcher! This led to an award I received, the Salter’s Insitute Graduate Awards, where I was chosen as one of the top chemistry and chemical engineering graduates in 2023. I chose to continue my studies in University of Leeds as my research group and project aligned greatly with my research interests, and the School of Chemistry has great links with various industrial partners. Not to mention, I love the city and the friends that I had made here. 


Outside of the university, I enjoy trying out new food and cuisine around the city. Kirkgate Market is one of my favourite food spots in the city, as you get to try a variety of cuisines at a great price. I also enjoy being around Leeds Dock, as it is a beautiful area and usually bustling with people during the weekend. Ever since I’ve arrived in Leeds, the city has changed and more restaurants have opened up, which is incredibly exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a student here in the University of Leeds, and I am excited to pursue further research here! Do reach out to me if you have any questions via UniBuddy or email, - I am more than happy to help!


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