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Jinni Pattaraworrasin

From: Thailand
Studying: BEng Chemical and Materials Engineering
I speak
Thai and English
BEng Chemical and Materials Engineering

Hi! I'm Jinni. 

I was born and raised in Thailand until 11 years old. My parents decided to move to Turkey for work so all of us migrated to Turkey. Following the Canadian Ontario curriculum, I finished high school with a grade equivalent to what was required from the university and got accepted to the University of Leeds to study Chemical Engineering. Back in 2016, I came to Leeds for a visit and fell in love with the city. I also had a chance to tour around the university and decided then that this was where I will be. The moment I step into the University, I knew that I had made the right choice. 

The city of Leeds has so much to offer whether it be a diversity, community, arts, fairs, and many more. My favourite thing about the university is the student union there are more than 300 societies available for students to join and it’s a great opportunity to try to do something new – like playing a lead role in a musical! In terms of the course I am undertaking, although I must admit that it is quite challenging and time-consuming, the teaching staff have been very  approachable and understanding. There are also many student support services available, such as counselling, well-being resources, and mitigating circumstances, all of which I have used and found them very helpful during my hardest time. Furthermore, the school’s designated employability team are also very supportive in terms of CV help, planning my career, and exclusive career opportunities they have for our school.  

Outside of academia, I love to sing and dance. I also enjoy walking and shopping around the cities, as well as hanging out with friends in places like Escape Rooms or visiting the cinema. The best thing about Leeds, in my opinion, is the fact that everything is available here, especially the food. I remember visiting a Thai supermarket and found many things that were difficult to find, even in Thailand! Not to mention the friendly people and good nights out! Please feel free to message me on UniBuddy or via my email 🙂

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