Harini Nagesh

Hello, I am Harini Nagesh hailing from Madurai, a small town in Southern part of India. I am currently pursuing my MSc in Economics from the Leeds University Business School (LUBS). I discovered my passion for Economics during my high School and proceeded to do my Bachelors in Economics from Lady Doak College, Madurai. With my passion intact I decided that I wanted to pursue my Masters in a Foreign University.

I chose Leeds University Business School because it is triple accredited and ranks in the top 100 universities in the world . Secondly, their Economics program ranks 6th in United Kingdom and It is one of the very few universities whose teachings are Pluralist as well as research oriented. The Department consists of Faculty members from diverse Economic school of thoughts and are highly qualified academics who are also advisors of IMF and World Bank.

Though I started my university amidst pandemic, I was fortunate enough to have received immense support from my department and had the opportunity to have on ground seminars. My staff members made sure we got the best out of our online learning structure. My department also hosts various session with economists and researchers to keep us updated with recent research works and employment opportunities.

University of Leeds supports students at all facets of their study. The Leeds University Union has over 300 clubs and societies that helps students to develop their passion apart from the subject area.  As a classical dancer and a performer, I continue nurturing my passion by joining VIBES, the Bollywood dancing society. I am also currently the Postgraduate Business School Ambassador. I was able to take this job through the immense support from the career centre. The university’s job link platform also helps students find part time and volunteering work in and around Leeds.

Leeds as a city has always fascinated me. It is a versatile city that caters to diverse preferences of the students. From a rave night life to peaceful parks and riverside, Leeds has got it all. My favourite aspect about this city is its diverse food experience. There are so many restaurants and cafes that serve international food, as a vegetarian I was super excited to find the wide range of vegetarian and vegan food options available in this city. I am also a person who enjoys cooking my own meals especially my native food. Kirkgate market is my go-to place and best place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in the city. They have a wide range of country specific grocery shop to get exotic fruits and vegetables.

The best part about my study is my student accommodation. I currently stay at Blenheim point; it is a postgraduate accommodation located 5 minutes away from the university. I stay in an

En-suite room with flatmates from different countries. This has helped me in gaining a multi-cultural experience.  The accommodation provides students with inhouse printing facilities, study spaces and work out spaces. The Residence Life team engages with residents actively through various workshops, classes, games and quizzes.

Do feel free to get in touch with me.