Student Opportunities at Leeds Webinar

Join Link to Leeds ambassadors and staff from the International Student Office to learn about all the opportunities the University of Leeds has available to make your student life exciting and rewarding. It’s these opportunities that will help you stand out in your time at Leeds, helping you with skills for the future. We will discuss:
  • Making your degree even more international through study abroad opportunities ✈️
  • Applying for short term or year long jobs and internships 📝
  • Leeds University Union (LUU)- what is it and why is it important ❓
  • Securing part time jobs to advance your skills while studying 💻
  • Volunteer opportunities that diversify your CV 🤝
  • How the International Student Office is ready to support international students with opportunities 😊
  • How to get involved, from the LUU to residential life 👍

Join here or click below:

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