Yuki Cheng

Hello this is Yuki and I am from Hong Kong. I am currently in second year of Mechanical Engineering.

Before coming to the University of Leeds in 2017, I studied in St. Paul’s Secondary School and first year of HKUST. Although it was truly nerve-wracking to quit university and study alone abroad here in the UK, I am confident to say that choosing the University of Leeds was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. The University of Leeds School of Mechanical Engineering is ranked Top 3 among the UK universities, with it being a Russell Group University. I am appealed by not only its renowned reputation for teaching and education, but also the extracurricular activities available for students.

By the start of every semester, there are freshers fairs showcasing societies and clubs for students to join, as well as Give-It-A-Go sessions for anyone who would love a taster and discover their new favourite hobby. So far I genuinely enjoy my time studying and living here, life is never boring as I can always come across new events online, such as workshops or conferences that would evoke my interest. I made a lot of friends with different religion, gender and background during my time here, and it is eye-opening for the diversity Leeds Uni cater.

I have had some of my favourite moments during my course, which was certainly a pleasant surprise. Staff at School of Mechanical Engineering are extremely friendly and helpful, professors are always up for any academic discussions. Lectures are lively and there is always a giggle or two to keep students involved. Apart from that, my favourite is definitely group projects, namely the annual buggy competition. I have learnt so much about team spirit and work ethics during the build, strong bonds have formed between teammates as a result. This year, our buggy ‘Zuk’ came 1st and won the competition in our division, which is a strong recognition for our hard work.

Apart from studying, I love going to The Edge as a stress-reliever and also to build a healthy body. There are numerous equipment and weights for me to choose from. Also, I also enjoy going to pubs and clubs with my friends to loosen up from school assignments and deadlines. I often surf through Facebook to discover new events or talks about any topics, which I found is a good way to broaden my horizon. My recent hobby is having day outs strolling around in Leeds with friends, it is fascinating discovering new places every time.

I lived in Oxley Hall during my first year. It was 20 minutes by bus and the area is really quiet and scenic. This year I share a house with four friends in Woodhouse. It is only 10-minute walk from Uni and 15-minute from Aldi. A thing I love about living in a house is the homely atmosphere. We love cooking together, chatting and watching TV in the living room. This is my home in Leeds and definitely provides me loads of support on a daily basis.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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