Vicente Mérida

Hola, I am Vicente and I am a second year PhD student in Food Science and Nutrition. Before coming to Leeds, I lived in Mexico City where I studied a master’s degree in Food Science at the National Polytechnique Institute. To be honest, the University of Leeds was my first option for doing my PhD, as the School of Food Science and Nutrition is currently number 1 in the UK.  My experience so far has been great, my supervisor always encourages me to explore different ideas and motivates me to grow as a scientist; while my school supports collaborative research, and organises different types of events, from academic to social.

My favourite thing about the University of Leeds is the diversity of its students. Since I came here and spent time with my friends and colleagues, I have been more aware of the cultural, religious, gastronomic, social and linguistic diversity from all over the world. At the same time, the University of Leeds brings great opportunities for development on different areas, for instance I was part of the organising committee of last year’s PGR conference from my school, I am a student representative for my programme, and I give laboratory demonstrations for undergrad and master’s degree students.

When I am not studying or doing experiments, I like going to the Edge, our very own fitness facility  to swim, work out or dance at the Zumba class, which is my favourite not only because I am Latin but also because I recently became a certified Zumba instructor. I also love going to the cinema, cooking dinner with friends, and walking around the city.

After living in a massive city such as Mexico City, I find Leeds quite peaceful and accessible, but with the perfect number of restaurants, pubs, cinemas, shops, supermarkets and beautiful spots. My favourite place is the river Aire area where you can jog, walk, have a chat, eat some food, get some drinks or enjoy the view.

I am living in private rented house, with students from different countries such as India, Brazil, Cameroon, Czech Republic and China, which in fact is what I like the most, as I get to learn more about different cultures and eat delicious food.

Get in touch if you have any questions!

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