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Hi everyone! I’m Vaiva and I’m from Lithuania. I’m currently doing a placement year, between my second and third year, at Leeds International Piano Competition working as a Campaigns Coordinator. I studied the equivalent of A-Level Maths, History, English and Lithuanian at the Klaipeda ‘Azuolynas’ high school before coming here. By the time I decided to apply for University of Leeds I was certain about two things: I knew I wanted to study PPE and I knew I wanted to study in the UK. So, after that, it was a process of doing my research about the best Russell Group Universities in the UK and trying to decide my top five for UCAS application. I wanted to live in a big city, but not as big as London and I wanted the university to have a campus so it would be convenient to walk from one university building to another by foot. University of Leeds matched the criteria perfectly and it was at the top of my list.

After my exam results, I was ready and excited for my new adventure to begin! So far it has been an incredible experience to be a student here. I have met amazing people from all around the world and made friends for life, learned about different traditions and got exposed to so many cultures. I could not imagine a better place than University of Leeds for a diverse and multicultural experience. I think it’s a perfect place for all open-minded people who are looking for a well-rounded university experience.

I love our Student’s Union at the University, it’s probably one of my favourite qualities about this university. It has more than 300 different societies, so there is something for everyone and if there’s not, you can start your own society very easily. In my first year I joined Film society and Feminist society and found it so much fun in it. At the moment I’m on the committee of Feminist society and LGBT+ society and through that, I have had so many interesting opportunities to meet people from different companies, magazines and industries. It gave me a better understanding of what kind of career I would want to have in the future and currently I’m looking for internships and placements for next year. Wish me luck!

I study an interdisciplinary course of three subjects and that’s my main reason why I chose it. I wanted to get a broad understanding about the world and be more knowledgeable about several different areas. In PPE we are thought three different subjects separately by three different schools and yet it is combined very well together with knowledge from one subject proven to be useful in another.

Whenever I am not studying or working, you’ll find me searching for affordable tickets to either another country or just a different city in the UK. I really enjoy travelling and I think that Leeds is in a perfect location for that. You can travel to York, Manchester, Birmingham or London very fast. There’s also Leeds Bradford airport which can take you almost anywhere!

My favourite place in Leeds probably has to be Leeds Art Gallery. Not just for all the cool exhibitions they have on, but also, they have a library and a cafe on the ground floor and there’s nothing better than borrowing a book and engrossing into it on a rainy day whilst being in a warm café.

I’m currently living in Sentinel Tower accommodation as a Subwarden. Last year I was living in Lupton, which is a university owned accommodation and I had a very positive experience with that! I made friends with amazing people who were living there, and I really enjoyed living in Headingley area. Even though the distance to university was quite big, I started cycling every day and it would only take me 15 min to get to university. Now I live in Hyde park in a privately rented house in a very convenient location.

Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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