Teodora Cheroiu

My name is Teo and I joined the University of Leeds in September 2016 to study Biochemistry. I really enjoy my course as it provides a lot of insight into the human body and the way it functions as well as an understanding of diseases such as cancer or sickle cell anaemia. It also involves a lot of practical work which I really enjoy and great opportunities such as a year in industry or a year abroad.

The reason I choose the University of Leeds is because it is a highly-ranked Russell Group university, it has state of the art facilities, an amazing student union and a diverse student body. So far, my university experience has been absolutely extraordinary. I’ve made new friends, tried many new societies and took part in all sorts of events, all while studying for my course. Honestly, there are so many societies that anyone can find something they are interested in and become a part of it.

The university campus is really charming. Not only do we get access to the Edge, a modern fitness complex where you can swim, take part in spinning, zumba or yoga classes or do climbing, but we also have 5 libraries where you can meet up with your friends and do group work or just study in silence. Moreover, the union is a great place to meet new people or just catch up with your friends over a drink at Old Bar. It is also home to the best canteen – the Refectory – where you can get anything from a meal deal to hot wok, pizza or street food for a very good price.

As a city, Leeds has a thriving nightlife. Whether you are looking to dance the night away or just for a place to spend time with your friends, Leeds has something for everyone. It is also one of the best cities for shopping: not only does it have massive shopping malls but also small boutiques and vintage shops as well as huge student discounts! It is also a really cultural city, being home to the national collection of arms and armours. Lastly, if you are a foodie, Leeds has a large number of cafes and restaurants. I would definitely recommend Bakery 164 (opposite to Parkinson steps) to any sandwich lover!

I have recently just returned from my industrial placement year where I was working as a marketing undergraduate for a pharmaceutical company and am now enjoying my final year at the University of Leeds! My placement year has been a great experience and I would recommend this to anyone as it allows you to not only gain great work experience but also develop as an individual and be more prepared for 3rd year.

Before going on a placement, I lived in a shared house with my friends in Hyde Park which is approximately a 10 min walk from the university. Now that I’ve returned for final year, I chose to live in Hyde Park again in a 2-bedroom flat with my friend. What I enjoy most about it is that it is basically like a little village for students so everyone is just a couple of minutes away from you. Also, it is really close to the city centre and to shops so everything is really within walking distance and I do not need to spend money on cabs or buses!

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