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Hello.  I’m Om and I am a second year student doing a Bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering. I did my high school in a small city called Timaru in New Zealand. However, I decided to go to university in the UK instead because Petroleum Engineering is not very popular in New Zealand. Additionally I did a foundation year in Bellerbys College in Cambridge before applying to the University of Leeds. This university is one of the few which offer this course so it was my top choice. I first heard about Leeds University through an agency in Thailand so I did some more research about it and I visited here once before applying and I do not regret my choice.

My life in Leeds so far has been great and I met people from different origins and have already experienced things which I would not have been able to find at home. I love how this university gives students chances to try different things as there are many clubs and societies at the Leeds University Union to choose from.

My course has many international students so I get to know about their countries and cultures which are always interesting to hear. Throughout the course there are group projects and I learnt to work with different people and solving problems. There are fieldtrips and practical which are more engaging and realistic and that’s what I like about the course. There are also placement year and study abroad opportunities. Last summer I went to South Korea for a 6 week summer school at Yonsei University, I did a module in Marketing and Korean which was very interesting and engaging. It was an experience exploring the country, the food, the culture and meeting new people. This year I am applying for a summer internship. I have received advices on writing my CV and mock interviews from the Employability team and they were very nice and helpful. I also like how they offer discovery modules so students can take any subject of their interest which does not have to be related to the course and there are loads to choose from.

When I’m free, I usually go out with my friends for a meal and walk around the city centre. Leeds is a big city but it’s very safe to live here. It’s also very diverse so you tend to find people or food from home. My favourite place in Leeds is Kirkgate market where they sell cheap and fresh groceries. I go there quite often. Another place I would recommend if you enjoy shopping is Trinity Leeds and Briggate as there are many shops.

I am currently living in a student accommodation called Cityside. It is right next to the Edge and only 10-15 mins walk to my lectures (depends on your course) and city centre which is very convenient. There is also a gym within the accommodation. My room is an ensuite with shared kitchen this allows me to meet new people and learn to live with different types of people. I decided to stay in University accommodation with friends as I do not have to worry about the bills.

Please do contact me with any questions!

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