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Hallo! My name is Suhaib Arogundade from Osun State, Nigeria but live in Lagos, Nigeria (the biggest city in Nigeria). I am currently studying MSc. (Eng) Environmental Engineering and Project Management at the School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds. This option of study came as a spin-off from my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering which I undertook in Nigeria because I did my bachelor’s project on Oil Spill clean-up using waste from animal and carpentry works.

I chose University of Leeds because of so many factors amongst which are; the University of Leeds being amongst top 100 university in the world; Civil Engineering at University of Leeds is Number 2 in the UK; my choice of research has a faculty member in the School of Civil Engineering who leads International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) projects (this is a big deal!); and wait for it, the University of Leeds is the only University in the UK which I found that has Project Management combined with its Environmental Engineering MSc degree which is gold because it is like having a combined degree.

Here, at the University of Leeds, there are so many activities which you can engage in based on your appetite to interact. Personally, I have been elected as a Postgraduate Taught School Representative for the School of Civil Engineering; I am a member of Nigeria Student Society; and a volunteer for Get Out Get Active (GOGA) on campus. I also attend various development programme which interest me at different School on campus. The one I love most so far is the “Immersive Storytelling” organised by School of Media and Communication.

I have never gone hiking before until I got to University of Leeds but from the first time I took a chance to go hiking, I was hooked and now I enjoy hiking and GOGA has given me the opportunity to do that as much as I want. So, being at University of Leeds will present you an opportunity of a lifetime to balance studies with different outdoor experience.

Being a matured international student in Leeds, I have found the city quite accommodating and my wife has different option of places to shop at when she needs to. We especially love Kirkgate market (largest covered market in Europe) because we get Nigerian foodstuffs there and also variety of fruits at a “steal” price. There are also a lot of grocery shops within living areas as well as big chain stores like Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and ALDI where you can buy anything you need at moderate prices.

Before my wife joined me, I stayed at Royal Park Flats and I loved my time there a lot. It is a postgraduate accommodation which is just about 10 minutes’ walk to the University and the location is perfect if you are a Muslim student because there are three mosques around the area. When my wife arrived, I moved to a family accommodation.

I look forward to welcoming you at University of Leeds and do shoot me an email if you have any queries. I shall be more than glad to respond!


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