Soyeong Moon

Hello, my name is Soyeong Moon (or you can call me Sarah). I am from South Korea but lived half of my life in the Philippines. I studied in both local and international school in the Philippines and went through the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma programme to study in the UK. Currently, I am studying BSc Psychology at the University of Leeds, an institute with a deep history and globally renowned for high education quality. I came to Leeds because I wanted to get exposed to various research programs even during the undergraduate period and study psychology more scientifically.

Talking about our university, the University of Leeds is one of the largest academic institutions with high ranking within the UK. However, its renowned reputation was not my main reason to choose the University of Leeds over other excellent universities in the UK. It is because our university offers great opportunities that I do not want to miss. From big opportunities like Study Abroad and Industrial programmes to individual needs as Personal tutors and Skills@Library sessions, the university supply support to make our university life more fruitful. In my case, I joined the online-based ‘critical thinking’ session. It was flexible in time, so I was able to develop some extra skills while balancing out with my academic timetable. Another opportunity that the University of Leeds offers is extra-curricular activities like societies and clubs. Our Leeds University Union has over 320 societies, but it is still open to creating a new one! During my first year, I was part of ‘sign language society’ that worked towards the official British sign language qualification. Time-to-time I also took Live drawing club and did live croquis using real human model. This year, I am working as a treasurer in Leeds Korean Society. Being a committee member asks me lots of responsibilities to take, but organising events and brainstorming on society development teach me lessons that I cannot gain from typical lectures. Every Saturday, I am joining Leeds Tennis society to invigorate myself from academical stress.

My favourite thing about the University is highly advanced facilities. In the school of psychology, we have various pieces of professional equipment for experiments, as well as various methods to teach. For example, during my first year, I participated in psychology experiments to understand the perspective of participants and learn the topic through our direct experience; and during my second year, I am conducting actual experiments with other students, which is both challenging and thrilling method of learning. Aside from having psychology experiments, we do seminars and group discussions as well. Besides, like many other courses, psychology students have ‘Discovery Module’, in which we can choose a module from different faculties outside of our department. I find this very beneficial as we can personalise our course according to our career choice or interest.

I have to say Leeds is a student city. My favourite place is Kirkgate market, one of the biggest open markets in Europe. I love their affordable fresh ingredients and colourful yarns that I use for knitting. Sometimes I just visit to grab some Asian foods. During my extra time, my friends and I go to Trinity mall or loom around different shopping arcades for some eye shopping. We are trying to attend every single street bakery sale happening in the city centre twice a month for their amazing cakes. There are annual city events in Leeds city, such as Student Night in the Trinity, Leeds Light Night, and German Christmas Market. The German Christmas Market was one of the best events in Leeds. Around early November until the day before Christmas, little shops resembling German markets open and sell Christmas decorations and food in the Millennium Square. I cannot wait for our next December to drink a cup of mulled wine with German sausages.

I used to live in Charles Morris Hall during my first year. What I like about this accommodation is the location. All lecture rooms and campus facilities like the school gym, libraries and union were within short walking distance. Also, the hall offered catering service, so I did not have much stress about my everyday meals. I simply needed to use my ‘Refectory‘ credits to eat freshly made foods. Now, I am living in private student accommodation, sharing the flat with my coursemate. Even though it is located outside the campus, it is near to both the university and the city. Unfortunately, I do not have the catering service I used to have last year, but learning how to cook is another skill to learn during university life. Plus, Refectory is open to every student so whenever I fail to pack my lunch box, I can buy a hot meal there.

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