Sara Kaizuka

I studied in Japan between elementary and university as an undergraduate student. I came to University of Leeds as a Masters student and decided to continue study at University of Leeds at PhD level.

I first found out about University of Leeds when I was a third-year undergraduate student at a university in Japan through an exchange student from University of Leeds.

I chose to study at University of Leeds as I was interested in learning in the UK, but a place outside of London as I preferred the countryside. I was also interested in studying in the north of England as it has a very different culture to that of other parts of the UK. I decided to continue my studies here at Leeds as I had a great experience studying at MA level.

I have been able to make good friends that I know I will cherish even after graduation, and very good working relationships with both staff and professors. Leeds has been a great combination of a diverse city mixed with beautiful greenery. It has been a fantastic experience studying at Leeds.

I really love the people here. Students, staff, and professors have all been very kind and welcoming. I also enjoyed how academically stimulating this place has been.

It has given me the opportunity to try out new things. I have been able to start several new part-time jobs during my stay here, and I believe the university gave me the courage to try them out. I have also been able to do volunteer work teaching my native language, Japanese which I found I really enjoyed. I also had the great opportunity of teaching undergraduate students at my school as a teaching assistant. This gave me a great opportunity to get the vital experience of teaching!

The best thing about this course is that I can pursue my interest, which is in regional development issues in the north of England and its relationship with the EU. Again, the university is filled with helpful and kind people. From the staff members at the reception to the professors, they are all very helpful and understanding of issues that student have.

I love to cook Asian food, read books, and listen to music. I am also passionate about drawing and I have a strange love for ironing.

The best thing about Leeds is that it is so vibrant and diverse. It is one of largest financial cities in the UK, and therefore there are many shops and restaurants. But it is also very close to the rural areas where it is mostly fields and farms which is also lovely to visit. My favourite place in the city is the Millennium Square, which is very large and often holds interesting events.

I am home staying with a British family who lives a bit far from the city (about 90 minutes in transportation all together). I get along very well with them and the fact that everyone likes to clean means that the house is very comfortable to live in. I enjoy spending family time with them in the evenings and weekends.

Please, do contact me for any inquiries.

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