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Hi everyone!

My name is Sanskruti or Sana, whichever is easy to pronounce and remember and I am currently studying in the third/final year of the LLB degree at the University of Leeds. Before moving to the UK, I was studying for a bachelor’s degree in business administration with law at the Gujarat National Law University, when one of the professors of law from the University of Leeds came to my university to deliver a comparative lecture. This was when I first heard about the reputation of Leeds. After having an informal conversation with the guest lecturer, my desire to study law abroad reignited as I had always wanted to step outside of my comfort zone in order to have a wholesome university experience.

This desire led me to a further research to all UK universities, however, choosing the University of Leeds became an obvious choice after a bit, when it proved its high on all major credible rankings, along with the fact that it showed a high student satisfaction. The conversation with the guest lecturer (Dr Paul Wragg) also proved to be a manifestation of the friendly and encouraging background of the university.

My experience in the University of Leeds so far has been really eventful. Although, I will admit, after the first semester, I really began to enjoy the perks of being a student! And this is precisely my favourite thing about the university that it awards a person with so many versatile things to do. With over three hundred societies to choose from, it is easy to exploit them to the fullest. Being a classical professional dancer back in India, I really wanted to keep in touch with dancing but experience other dance forms. This made me sign up for Belly Dancing society during my first year and Bollywood and Bhangra societies in my second. All three of them gave me ample of opportunities to showcase our talent and skills. This is an interesting thing to note, by the way, despite them being extra-curricular activities, the integrity of trainings in all is never compromised. How about some proof? Me and team won two award (Best Mix, Best head-to-head winner) in a national Bollywood competition organised by Imperial College, London – Just Bollywood 2018. I never considered myself to be an athletic person, but this perception sure changed when I dabbed my hand into kickboxing! The intense training made me confident enough to take up its grading and achieve an Orange Belt. Working in a committee (Leeds Bhangra Society – Treasurer ’18-’19 & Co-President ’19-’20), is also a wonderful opportunity to expand your horizon and actually put your skills into practice. There is so much to learn and build in oneself at a leadership position that it becomes a substantial part of the wholesome university experience. It gives a certain sense of fulfilment and an all-rounder attitude when one accomplishes a bit more than their degree!

Let me talk a bit about the University of Leeds School of Law. I will give this straight in your hands – I was pleasantly surprised at how the law school helped us to use the theory into practical skills. And this was exactly what I was looking to gain out of my law school experience. All the year around, we have competitions like negotiation, debating and mooting which essentially provide the right kind of platform for the students to practice the lawyer skills whilst enhancing their knowledge in a practical fashion. I participated in the Negotiation Competition right from my first year and reached till the quarters. It’s one of those “looking forward to” components in the law school. Needless to say, this helpful transition is the best thing about my course.

Outside of the studies, and dancing, of course, and I know, many international students will relate to me, I travel! Leeds in itself is quite a vibrant city to explore apart from other British and European cities that cram up the summer time exploration. There’s always something that one would never have known about it and one would just chance upon it! Its vibrancy, relevance, and the general youth vibe of the city makes one wanna get out there on the streets. If you’d ask me about my favourite part of the city, I will, hands down, give you the geographical location of the Leeds Docks. Serenity, calm, sophisticated, green paths (P.S An international law firm is located there – so you might understand my inspiration of liking that place very much) are all words that I can easily use to describe the Docks.

During my first year, I used to live in Central Village which locates itself right in the middle of the university campus and the city centre, rendering me at an utmost convenience to travel around easily. Which is why, for my second year, I decided to live as close to the city centre and campus as possible, and I lucked out in finding a flat right opposite to the Chemical Engineering building (UoL) through a private letting agency.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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