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Hi! My name is Michelle and I am currently in my final year, studying BSc Food Science and Nutrition. 10 years ago, my family moved to Beijing from Singapore. Since then, I had been studying in a British International school, Dulwich College Beijing till I graduated in May 2018. I have heard about the University of Leeds through my school’s university fairs. As I research further for the top universities for Food Science and Nutrition, the University of Leeds came up in the top 3 in 2018. Currently, it is ranked first in the Guardian University 2020 league table. Furthermore, the University is a member of the Russell group, a group of UK universities that are dedicated to conduct the best research, teaching and learning experience. The University of Leeds is also highly ranked for its student satisfaction. I believe that all these are important factors to make a memorable and enjoyable university experience. Even though I was unable to visit the university beforehand, the information I have gathered gave me the confidence to make the University of Leeds my final choice.

I am definitely enjoying my university experience so far. I get the chance to experience what it is like to be independent and have the freedom to travel to nearby areas during my weekends. Weekends away is a good breather for me especially when work gets overwhelming and stressful. One of my favourite things about the university is the amount of student support available. For example, there is a career centre which offers help with CVs or job applications, the library (skills@library) offers workshops or drop in sessions for any student who might need extra help for areas such as essay structures, referencing etc. Moreover, each student is assigned to a personal tutor who provides support throughout his/her university journey. Besides the academic aspects, I love how the Leeds University Union offers more than 300 clubs and societies for anyone to try out something new, join something of your interest or even start your own club. This year, I have signed up to volunteer with the LUUMIC. It is a society that uses music to impact the community! I am really looking forward to the projects they have prepared.

One of the best things about my course is the broad range of topics it provides. This course not only covers topic about food in its molecular and physiochemical state, but also on a bigger scale such as industrial manufacturing and health impacts globally and individually. Furthermore, it is exciting to see that I can already apply some of my new knowledge into my everyday life.

In my spare time, I love to bake and cook. I was struggling to cook last year as I was new to it, however, it is now a new way for me to destress and take time off from my studies. Sometimes, I take up a fitness class from the Edge. I am making an effort this year to balance fitness and studies by arranging gym classes. The instructors motivate you to work harder and better which is what I need! They make working out so much more enjoyable.

The best thing about Leeds is that it is big but compact and has everything you need! All the essentials can be found within the city centre and in walkable distance. No transportation expenses needed. Furthermore, as for an Asian, I am most glad to find two Asian marts and various Asian eateries. They provide authentic and home like meals. My favourite places so far is Home (家) and the beef noodle store which are both just across the road from our campus. They are the best comfort food when I am feeling homesick. Generally, eateries here provide student/ lunch deals which makes it more affordable and worth! There are still much more I have yet to explore.

Leodis is the school accommodation that I have been living in for the past 2 years. It is only an 8 minute walk to campus and a 20 minute walk to city centre. Moreover, it provides a 24 hours security service for student safety. Occasionally, there will be events held in the common room such as welcome BBQ, Pancake Day and many more! Another benefit with staying in a university accommodation is that it gives you the basic Edge membership. I really liked the location as it is not too far away from the university and it is generally quiet.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with me!

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