Marina Abey Thomas

Hello, I am Marina and I come from the vibrant and multicultural nation of India. I am currently pursuing the MA New Media degree. I completed my Bachelors in History, Journalism and Travel and Tourism Management from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore and a Masters degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University, Mumbai before deciding to join a foreign university. Looking to gain specific knowledge of digital media and give a boost to my career prospects was why I decided to get another degree and began looking for my options in education fairs. That is how, I came to know of the University of Leeds. 

The University already had a reputation for being a world-renowned, Russell Group institution, but what also impressed me was that it is ranked amongst the Top 6 best colleges for media and communication in the UK, along with a very good network of alumni in the media industry. I was further convinced to join the University as I got to know that there is a very good student satisfaction rate. 

The University has opened new perspectives of learning for me. As most of our classes happen online now, it is worth mentioning that the academic staff have left no stone unturned to give us the best experience through virtual means. Alongside the lectures, there are also weekly workshops like on CV writing, employment opportunities during the pandemic and specialised sessions for international students by the career centre that are very useful. I personally feel these workshops have made me feel positive and hopeful about my future prospects.  

Apart from the academic side, there are several responsibilities available that give one a chance to hone their skills. Paid volunteer positions and work opportunities with the Leeds University Union (LUU) are available, and so are academic roles like students representatives for a School or a course. As a Course Representative for my program, I participate in the student-staff forum meetings to discuss ways to make learning exchanges better. 

Now, apart from the serious academic side, we also have around 300 societies and clubs for students to join, that cater to every interest and extracurricular activity. I myself am a part of VIBES- Bollywood Dance society and the Leeds Student Television (LSTV), which not just made me productive but also gave me a sense of community.  

Leeds, as a city, has been more than welcoming to me. As I was to shift to the UK during the pandemic, I was very unsure as to how my experience was going to be. But fortunately, my transition to Leeds was very smooth. I love how Leeds has something for everyone- from amazing pubs, to great sightseeing spots, a variety of shopping hubs and much more. From buildings that showcase fine European architecture to charming little corners, the city will give you an opportunity to witness the best of British culture. My favourite part of the city is the City Centre area which houses some of the best cafes and my stores of my favourite clothing brands. 

Apart from the outdoors, the University also gives chances for one to meet new people and make new friends. Online social events, game nights as well as carefully managed events in the University are some of the things that has made my time here lovely. Once I managed to meet my flatmates and few classmates, I have even gone for walks to Hyde Park and took a trip to the nearby city of York. 

I currently live in the student accommodation, Blenheim Point, which is very conveniently located just 3 minutes away from the University and 10 minutes from the supermarkets and departmental stores in the area. My room is an ensuite one, while the common/kitchen area is shared between me and my four flatmates. I am also aware that there are various private accommodations available for students and letting agencies that help you with the same. 

Looking forward to hear from you.

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