Kareen Urrutia Estevez

Hi! My name is Kareen and I am from Guatemala, Central America. Before coming to Leeds, I was working in Guatemala. I studied forest engineering in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I came to the UK because I wanted to study a master-degree that could help me to improve my professional career by learning new things and gaining a wider understanding of the possible solutions to our global environmental issues. The University of Leeds had exactly what I was looking for and much more! For me, choosing this prestigious university was very easy, the hardest thing was to decide which programme to study, as all were very interesting and unique. I love studying my course because all the modules are very interesting and challenging. I will also have the chance to go for two weeks to Tanzania for fieldwork. Many programmes in the university have field trips around the UK, the European Union and other countries in different parts of the world, giving students a wonderful opportunity for traveling to other places, making new friends, putting in practice what we learn in class, and living memorable experiences.

My time in the University of Leeds has been very enriching in every aspect: I study in wonderful classes and libraries, I can go to swim in the refreshing pool of The Edge, and I can participate in various activities that helped me to make new friends or come closer to my course-mates. Through this I learn about the local traditions and get to know Leeds and its surroundings by traveling with friends or joining the Leeds University Union (LUU) trips. As a person who cares about the environment, there are very valuable the opportunities that the University of Leeds gives us to live a sustainable life: we can avoid plastic and any other single-use products by filling for free our reusable bottles of water and getting discounts when using our mugs. Also, we can buy organic vegetables and food in the weekly market that gathers local farmers; get vegetables, tea, spices and flowers from the sustainable gardens; and we can contribute with our ideas and proposals for helping the sustainability strategy of the university. Coming to Leeds and settling in was very easy thanks to the welcoming staff and students. The fresher’s week and the induction were very helpful for knowing all the services that the university has for us like the computer clusters, bike rental and the night bus when staying on campus late at night. The university cares about us and always ask feedback from us to learn what things we need to feel more supported and comfortable here.

In my spare time I enjoy exploring the natural and cultural places in Leeds within its surroundings. Leeds is in Yorkshire and there are many different picturesque towns and landmarks to visit. Also, Leeds has a privileged location for easily exploring many different places in the UK by bus or train, and even for traveling from the airport to other European cities. Some of the things I enjoy most of the city are the wide variety of restaurants with food from different parts of the world. I usually go to eat to different places with my friends who are also from different countries. There are great places for any type of preferences.  Leeds is a vibrant city, there are many opportunities for going to concerts, seeing art and unique historical treasures in museums and outdoors, and watching movies from different parts of the world. Many of these activities are organised by the University of Leeds, Leeds University Union or in a partnership with the city council. But also, around the city it is possible to find a wide range of socio-cultural activities all the time for free or at affordable prices.

I live in The Plaza, is a student accommodation run in partnership with Unite Students. I like it very much here because is close to the city centre and only takes me a 10-15 min. walk to campus.  The main shops are very close and my favourite: The First Direct Arena. On my first week here I went to see a show of the Cirque Du Soleil and there are many different live shows and concerts from various famous artists. But there is no need to worry, it is a very quiet area and is possible to sleep or study without any disturbing noises. I live very comfortably here and we have all we need: all rooms are en-suite, we have a common area with study room, gym, cinema room and a modern laundry area.

I feel thankful for studying here, and I feel confident about future opportunities not only for having access here to world-class education, but also because the University of Leeds makes a long-term commitment with their students and alumni.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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