Jordan Ramcharita

The name’s Jordan but everyone calls me Jordi. I come from the beautiful twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago, located in the Caribbean amidst a lot of sun, sand and seas.

Before coming to Leeds, I studied at a college in Trinidad for 7 years called Hillview College, where I made the some of the greatest friendships, so I understand one of your problems might be, how do I leave my friends? Trust me it’s a hard I know, but a decision I still made nevertheless. After graduating I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to study or where I wanted to go, so I took a gap year to clear my head from studies and focus on the direction I wanted to go in life. On this gap year, I spent half in the UK with my grandmother and had actually met a lot of people who told me University of Leeds is where it’s at. So obviously I did some research and found out just how fitting the University of Leeds was for me and with the diverse wealth of opportunities on offer, I felt like I had to go. I did some further research into their faculty of biology as this is where my interest was and found a course that sparked my interest. It was Biotechnology with Enterprise, I am a science student with a keen interest for business so this degree seemed to combine these two fields, and thus it really made sense to apply to the University of Leeds. And ever since I have not regretted it one bit.

At Leeds I have really enjoyed myself both academically and outside of academics. The tremendous support I have received from my lecturers and tutors has been a massive stepping stone to progressing through the year at times when I am completely lost. It really helped me a lot because I was genuinely struggling with the move from high school to university, but they listened to my problems and offered workable solutions. This process lead to my grades improve greatly. Outside of the academics I have tried my hand at many extracurricular activities such as spoken word, bhangra and hiking. Through these clubs and extracurricular activities, I have made some of the greatest friends which really make university much more enjoyable. Even the people I met working at Link to Leeds are super friendly. Extracurriculars are a great way to completely take yourself away from academics which is needed to ease yourself.

My absolute favourite thing about the university is the Leeds University Union. I really love it with a selection of bars to choose from and even a club in the union coupled with restaurants and coffee shop even a grocery and a lot of space to hang out, the union is by far my favourite thing about the university. The university has gifted me many opportunities and many potential opportunities. For instance, many workshops are available to help with essay writing, which I was quite bad at…and many even geared to your career such as creation of a LinkedIn profile or help with interviews and CVs. One opportunity I really hope to make use of is the Year in Enterprise which is a year in between second and third where the university gives you an incubator in which you can develop a business idea and hopefully turn it into a business one day.

The best thing about my course must be how independent it has made me, there is a lot of structure to the degree but initiative must be taken upon yourself to complete assignments and juggle deadlines. Outside of studies I am involved in a few clubs such as hiking, spoken word and bhangra which I thoroughly enjoy. I also go to the gym, play some sports socially and hang out with my friends and enjoy the nightlife sometimes (which by the way is great). The best thing about Leeds as a city is the fact that there’s something to peak everyone’s interest from the theatre to mini golf to a wide selection of coffee shops, bars and restaurants, I do not think you would find yourself bored in Leeds and my favourite place is Leeds university union. I also like the feel of the city itself not too congested as say London, and with a nice amount of green spaces because I need my fresh air.

I live in a privately rented flat which is in the student suburbs of Hyde Park. I think it is nice having my own place, which I rented with friends. This has made living way more comfortable and fun.

I am available for questions so get in touch!

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