Jessica Martins

Hello,  my name is Jéssica and I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a country famous for football, carnival and beautiful landscapes.

Before coming to Leeds, I studied Public Relations in my undergraduate degree. After that, I worked for 5 years as a Lieutenant at the Brazilian Navy and Brazilian Air Force. In Brazil, we usually start working right after your undergrad and then think about further qualifications, such as Master, so that is why I am older than most people in my class here. My experience in the military taught me a lot about myself and I enjoyed the time that I worked for Armed Forces, but then I realized that I wanted to do something different. I then decided to come to the UK to pursue a Masters. Most of my friends and family told me not to do it because I had a stable career in Brazil, but I decided to take the risk to come here and experience a new thing in my life.

The first time I heard about the University of Leeds was actually in a conference that I participated in Brazil. One of the speakers was a professor at the University of Leeds (School of Communication and Media) and I decided to search for more information about the University as I liked her presentation. Surfing the website, I came across my current course which caught my attention because all the modules were precisely what I was looking in a master.  After that, I ended up searching, applying and being accepted for some other universities but at the end coming to Leeds seemed to be the right thing. I had some criteria to choose where I should go and in the end Leeds was the perfect place: it was the course that I loved, the University has a very good ranking overall and the fact that living costs in the city are student-friendly also make me opt to come here.

So far, my experience here has been amazing. I have the chance to live a new culture and language, make friends from different countries, studying in a very structured school and learn a lot about the professional field. I really enjoy that the University is big – not only in the campus size but also the student body. Also, there is always something happening on campus, events to attend and opportunities to develop skills. I joined the university powerlifting society and had the chance to make friends while exercising. I am also working as a fundraiser for the University which gives me the opportunity to talk and hear experience from alumni from all around the world. I have a partial scholarship here, so I know how important it is a fundraiser to help the University to grow even more. This semester I am starting a coding course for girls and I’ll learn some basic stuff about coding, so I am excited to discover something new and daring for me. I noticed that attending a course in Leeds gives me the chance to develop new skills apart from your regular course program.

What I really like about my course is how diverse it is in terms of content and that is the reason for the course long name. In this way, I get the chance to learn a little about different areas from business and decide which one suits me better. My workload is intensive and I have a lot to read, but I feel it’s essential for the learning process.

When I am not studying I like going to The Edge – the gym on campus. I also enjoy going to parties and meeting my friends for socials. I guess the best thing about Leeds is that it is a city full of students, so people are usually comprehensive and try to help if you struggle with English or if you feel lost.  Also, the fact that it is a big city, but at the same time not hectic is ideal for me to concentrate in my studies while having a variety of shops and things to do in the city.

I live at Royal Park Flats – student halls from the university and I am happy living here. You get the chance to live with other postgraduate students who are facing similar challenges that you are. My accommodation has some shops and pubs around and it’s also just 10 minutes away from Business School. Free hot chocolate and free print are a very helpful plus.

Please reach out should you have any questions.

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