James Mak

This is my fifth year as an international student in the UK. Before studying at the University of Leeds, I did my music bachelor degree in North Wales and the International Foundation Year with Arts in London.

I heard about the University of Leeds for the first time when I was searching for a music master courses on UCAS, and I found that University of Leeds has wonderful live music events across the year along with professional stage equipment, which is perfect with the master degree that I always wanted to study — Music management.

I choose the University of Leeds because of the programme. The master course provides various modules, which allows us to study the musical industries and business knowledge as the same time. Apart from academic research, I can design and organize a creative live music show, which allows students to apply and demonstrate their practical skills under the professional supervision of tutors. I really appreciate how the programme maintains the balance between creativity and academic research because it stimulates the situation of working environment, and applying creativity with consideration of situation such as marketing, budgeting, cultures or society is essential in managing any music event.

Furthermore, at the University of Leeds, we have wide connection with Leeds city and music organization like Opera North. During the programme, we have opportunities in using different venue around Leeds. For instance, Town Hall, grand theatre, Great Hall or even on the street. These opportunities allow us to express our creativity in designing an amazing music event and experience the process of event organizing.

Apart from studies, the thing I enjoy the most in Leeds is its music culture and the city life. As an international student and music lover, the music culture at Leeds is rich and thrilling. I have been to several concerts like pop music, opera and live music at Leeds, the experiences were amazing and it has been a pleasure to listen various kind of live music at the city where you’re studying. Moreover, apart from music, the city life in here are diverse and well-developed which you can explore different restaurants, stores and shops with competitive prices.

I am currently living in a private student accommodation called Carr Mills, which is near Leodis Residence and iQ Leeds. It’s 10 to 15 minutes away from the main campus of Leeds University. I love the location because you can always go for a picnic with friends with great and sunny weather around the area.

Hope these comments are helpful, you’re more than welcome to contact me if you have any more questions!!

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