Haruka Murakami

I’m Haruka Murakami studying at BA TESOL. Before coming to Leeds, I studied at Toyo Eiwa high school in Tokyo, Japan. After that, I did 6 week summer pre-sessional course and International Foundation year (Arts: social science route) in Leeds.

I had the experience to participate in summer English programme in Oxford when I was a high school student. In the programme, university students were working as activity leaders, and some of them are from the University of Leeds. It was my first time to hear about the university.

The reason why I chose Leeds is that I could find exactly what I wanted to do in Leeds. My course, BA TESOL, is not popular in undergraduate, so there are a few universities where I can study TESOL. Another reason is that I really like the campus of Leeds. When I visited Leeds, I could imagine that I enjoy my university days there. In addition, I thought people in Leeds are so friendly and kind.

BA TESOL is the kind of course to study how to teach English to non-native speakers. I am sure I chose the best course for me. This is because all professors are so helpful and always I can learn how teachers should behave from my professors. Furthermore, I have the opportunity to work as a teaching assistance which is included in my course credits. It means that I can practice what I learn in lectures. It can definitely help my future career.

Not only the study, I also get many opportunities to experience university life. For example, I am working as career secretary in Japanese society. In the society, there are many students who are interested in Japanese language and culture. Through the communication with members and committee, I can improve my English skills and always refresh my mind from studying.

In terms of my favourite place, Edward Boyle Library is the good place to study. The desks are very big, and each desk has lights, so it is comfortable to study. In the evening, we can see a beautiful sunset, and I can always refresh my mind during studying.

Outside of my studies, I prefer to spend my time in cafeterias. There are many cafeterias on campus, and I usually talk with my friends and sometimes read my favourite books with brunch there. On the weekends, I often go shopping in the city centre. Trinity Leeds, which is one of the shopping centres, is my favourite. There is a cinema and many varieties of shops and restaurants, so it is very convenient. The city of Leeds is easy to live in because shops, restaurants, and supermarkets are in the area where we can access by a short walk from campus.

I currently live in one of the university accommodations which is catered, en-suite, and on campus. My recommendation is university accommodations because they are very close to the campus. Furthermore, if you live in catered accommodations, you can eat meals at the Refectory. The refectory provides us with many different menus every day, so you can enjoy foods without cooking time.

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