Dua’a Amina Noor

Hello and Salam! My name is Dua’a Amina Noor, and I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Environment and Development from the University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment. I finalized my decision to come to Leeds due to the following factors 1) Overall, the University is part of the prestigious Russell Group of Universities 2) Has a high rank in my specific subject area 3) The city of Leeds is famed for being a student-friendly area, ideally situated near the picturesque town of York, in addition to being a comfortable distance from London.

Adjusting to a new country and way of life was a challenging, yet refreshing experience, which taught me to push my boundaries and develop my individuality and identity within a new community. During the first two weeks, the university aided me in becoming comfortable with my surroundings by arranging various tours of the University campus, city of Leeds and a guided Faith tour, showing all possible options for me to offer my prayers on campus and local shops for purchasing halal meat. These initial weeks were formative for me and helped me establish a daily academic and social routine.

During my free time, I enjoy utilizing the three major campus libraries, i.e. Edward Boyle, Laidlaw and Brotherton, each of which has its own unique charm. Fun fact: during exam time, I enjoy doing what I call a library run, i.e. shifting from one library to the other after every 2 hours, to keep my body and mind active. During weekdays, when I need a break from academics and campus life, I explore the city of Leeds and fascinating things it has to offer from museums, to art exhibitions, to local as well as special festive markets e.g. the famous Christmas German market i.e. Christkindelmarkt. I also enjoy going to the state of the art gym i.e. ‘the Edge’, through which I can workout on my own pace or choose from a range of  instructed classes ranging from strength training to Zumba. On weekends, I particularly love travelling and exploring cities and towns close to Leeds, so far I have been to Manchester, Ilkley, London, Nelson and York.

I live in Royal Park Flats, which is a university owned accommodation, near Hyde Park. I share a flat with 6 other people, all from different nationalities, which gives me a truly multi-cultural living experience. The residence is conveniently located as it has a grocery store and several fast-food take-away restaurants right at its doorstep and has a common area, where all residents gather for social events.